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2023 Winners

Congratulations to our 2023 Medalists and Awardees!

The David W. Taylor Medal

Thomas Fu
Thomas C. Fu
  Office of Naval Research

The Francis T. Bowles Medal

Dillon Helfers
Dillon Helfers
The Naval Sustainment Group


The  Blakely Smith Medal

Alexia Aubault
Alexia Aubault
Ocergy, Inc.

The  Vice Admiral Emory S. "Jerry" Land Medal

Scott McClure
Scott Campbell McClure
Alan C. McClure Associates, Inc.


 The William H. Webb Medal

Kelly Cooper

Kelly Blackledge Cooper
US Office of Naval Research



David J Carver
David J. Carver   |  General Dynamics NASSCO
Bryan R. Emond
Bryan R. Emond

for his paper
"Human Factors in the Decision to Evacuate the Costa Concordia and Similar Marine Incidents"


Johanna M. Daniel, Max G. Schuster, Gyde Andresen-Paulsen, Florian Holz, Kurt Wittekind, and Sören Ehlers

for their paper " Advanced Prediction Model for Underwater Noise Emissions of Ships"
Journal of Ship Production and Design, November 2022




Michele Francesco Melis, Heikki Hansen, Martin Fischer, and Moustafa Abdel-Maksoud

for their paper
"Velocity Prediction Program for a Hydrofoiling Lake Racer"
Journal of Sailing Technology, 2022, Issue 01


Daniel P. Vieira, Rodrigo M. Amarante, Kam Y. Kang, Lariuss Zago, Raul Dotta, Rodrigo S. Lavieri, Claudio M. Sampaio, and Kazuo Nishimoto

for their paper
"FLNG Parametric Design: A Synthesis Modeling Approach"
Journal of Ship Production and Design, May 2022

Victoria Dlugokecki, Steve Boisvert, Lisa Elles, Maurissa D’Angelo, and Patrick Schlapp

for their paper
"Making the Case for Knowledge Provisioning in the Marine Industry"

David Chapman
David S. Chapman
Jon Mikkelsen         
          Jon Mikkelsen  |  University of British Columbia




Brett Velzis

Brett Velzis  |  Massachusetts Maritime Academy

Spring Cycle Fellows

Gregory W. Beers |  Bristol Harbor Group, Inc. & The Shearer Group, Inc. |  New England
J. Carey Filling |  Naval Sea Systems Command, SEA 05D - Surface Ship Design & Systems Engineering |  Chesapeake
Martin Irvine, Jr. |  Naval Surface and Undersea Warfare Centers |  Chesapeake
James Moran |  Serco North America |  Chesapeake
Thomas F. Perrine  |  VP of Engineering at Austal USA |  Gulf

Fall Cycle Fellows

Gail D. Baxter  |   Baxter Knoll Engineers  |  Texas
Thomas C. Fu  |  Office of Naval Research  |  Chesapeake
Denis Morais |  ShipConstructor Software Inc. (SSI)  |   Canadian Pacific
Adrian S. Onas  | Webb Institute |  New York Metropolitan
Panos Zachariadis  | Atlantic Bulk Carriers Management Ltd | Greek

Tim Arcano

Joseph T. Arcano  |  Rite Solutions  |   Chesapeake
In appreciation for serving as the FVP Education

Brian Eisenhower

Brian Eisenhower  |  Hill Rivkins LLP  |   New York Metropolitan
In appreciation for serving as the Pension Committee Chair


William B. Hale  |  Consultant  |  Southwest
For his dedicated service and leadership as the Fellows Committee Chair and Nominating Committee Chair

Paul C. Jackson

Paul C. Jackson  |  Marine Design Dynamics  |  Northern California
For his service as Chair of the ABET Committee




Steve Leverette  |  Leverette Offshore LLC  |  Texas
In appreciation for serving as the OTC Board Representative


Edward G. Stokes  |  Stokes International Consultancy, LLC  |  Texas
In appreciation for serving as the SNAME Treasurer





Matthew Unger |  Cospolich, Inc.  |  Gulf

In appreciation for serving as the Awards Committee Chair

1st Place

Tia Button, Robert Caulfeild, Alexis Benjamin, and Kevin Wall | Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador
for their project 
"RoPAX Ferry for the Gulf of St. Lawrence"


1st Place

Slate Davis, Dimitrios Dikos, Chris De Martinis, Sonia Gutt, and Jackson Brown  | University of Michigan
for their project 
"Cryo Genesis: Zero Emissions LH2 Tanker"




3rd Place

Zachary Doerr, Elliot Ocheltree, Evan Kawabata, and Richard Thill | Webb Institute

for their project 
"The Concept Design of a Class of Aluminum Coastal Patrol Vessels"