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Fellows Nomination Form

  • Current Fellows Nomination Guidelines
  • Nominee Information
  • Initiator & Endorsers Info
  • Statement of “Significant Engineering Achievements”
  • Background Information
  • Signature and Date
  • Supporting Documents
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Fellows Nomination Guidelines

Please be aware that after 10 minutes of inactivity on the e-form,
you will be timed out, and will lose the data you have entered.
**If you cannot complete the e-form within the allotted time, we strongly recommend filling out the PDF form  first
to avoid losing your data, and then entering the data into the e-form.**


  1. Per SNAME bylaws "the honorific designation of Fellow may be accorded exclusively to Members who have made outstanding personal contributions to naval architecture, marine or ocean engineering, or allied disciplines through significant achievements in design, research, production, operation, education, or associated management. A candidate shall have had not less than ten (10) years of active practice."
  2. A complete nomination package must include a completed nomination form and at least three signed letters of recommendation from an initiator and two endorsers, all of whom must be Members of SNAME. Additional letters of recommendation may be included from endorsers who need not be SNAME Members.
  3. Letters of recommendation must be submitted online along with the nomination form.
  4. A candidate for Fellow cannot be the initiator or an endorser of his/her own nomination, and the nominee should not be aware or informed of his/her nomination.
  5. Complete Fellow nomination packages can also be submitted to SNAME Headquarters at any time.
  6. The Fellows Committee conducts two evaluation cycles each year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall.
  7. Nominations for the Spring 2024 cycle are due on 29 February. Nominations for the Fall cycle are due in 30 June.

Deadline: 30 June