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Section Leadership

Arctic Section:

Chair - Frank Bercha
Vice-Chair - Azmy Aboulazm
Secretary/Treasurer - Dave McGonigal

Canadian Atlantic:

Chair - Jason Cole
Vice-Chair (Maritimes) - Greg Wiggins
Vice-Chair (NL) - Fred Carew
Membership Chair - Jason Cole

Chesapeake Section

Chair - Andrew Lachtman
Vice Chair - Richard Delpizzo
Secretary - Easton Tilicki
Treasurer - Nathan Hagan
Membership Chair - Benjamin Testerman
T&R Chair - Chase Rogers
YP Chair - Barr Turner
Elected Member - Kierstin Del Valle Lachtman

Eastern Canadian Section

Chair - Martin MacCorquodale 
Vice Chair - 
Secretary - Pearse Flynn
Treasurer - Denley Rumbolt
Membership - William Champagne
Webmaster - 
T&R Chair - 
YP Chair - 

Great Lakes/Great Rivers Section

Chair - Jim Fish
Vice Chair - Travis Martin
Secretary/Treasurer - Rich Mueller
Membership - Nick Hunter
T&R Representative - Eric Renz
YP Chair - James Coller

Greek Section

Chair - John Kokarakis
Vice Chair - Kostas Maounis
Secretary/Treasurer - Harilaos Petrakakos
Membership Chairs - Nikos DionissopoulosAlexander SenterisGeorge Rossopoulos
YP Representative - Dimitrios Lyridis
Papers Committee Chair - Georgios Bourtoulis

Gulf Section

Chair - Chris Townsend
Vice Chair - 
Secretary - Susan Noste
Treasurer - 
Membership - William Clay Kirby
Webmaster - Sean Noste

Hampton Roads Section

Chair - Michael Reilley
Vice Chair - Daniel Villareal
Treasurer - 
Membership - Davy Hansch
Communications -
Member at Large - Jeff Bowles
Member at Large - Alan Bomar
Member at Large - 
Immediate Past Chair - Davy Hansch


Italy Section

Chair - Bruno Dionisi
Membership - Vittorio Damonte
University/Student Sections - Carlo Podenza
Treasurer - Valerio Ruggiero
Awards/Events/Papers - 

New England Section

Chair -
Vice Chair - Sandra Wyman
Secretary/Treasurer - Anne Dunham


New York Metropolitan Section

Chair - Roderick Acquie
Vice Chair - Tony Nigro
Secretary - Ethan Wiseman
Treasurer - George Williams
Membership Chair - Tony Nigro
T&R Representative - Raju Datla, Amit Mokashi
YP Chair - Alex Koziol
Social Media Coordinator - Michael O'Donnell

Northern California Section

Chair - 
Membership - Ernie Chang

Pacific Northwest Section

Chair - Josh Horst
Vice Chair (PS) - Tim Handy
Vice Chair (BC) - Daniel Greig
Secretary/Treasurer (PS) - Kevin Hein
Secretary/Treasurer (BC) - Michael Elfstrom
YP Chair (PS) - Stephen Bargh
YP Chair (BC) - Brenden Oke, Massimo Vanfretti
Student Section Chair - Kyle Holt

Philadelphia Section

Chair - Matthew Eayre

Southeast Section

Chair - Shawn Henderson
Vice Chair (South Florida) - Drew Orvieto
Vice Chair (Tampa Area) - Jan Flores
Vice Chair (Jacksonville Area) - 
Secretary - Evan Wingfield
Treasurer - Daniel Cavalier
Membership Chair - Sanjukta Misra
YP Chair - Wes Ellison 

Southwest Section

Chair - Nick Ratinaud
Vice Chair (San Diego) - Isabelle Brown
Vice Chair (Los Angeles) - 
Treasurer - Matt DeFauw

Secretary - Ester Wazal-Chin
Membership - Isabelle Brown
T&R Chair - Rick Ashcroft
YP and Student Sections - Anika Szuszman
Communications and Social Media - Anika Szuszman
Content - Megan Green
Audit - Walt Devine
Recognition - Shane Malone
Meetings - Josh Reece


Texas Section

Chair - Qian Ma
Vice Chair - Meg Dowling
Secretary/Treasurer - Daniel Chique Canache
Membership - Kim Mercier
Arrangement Chair - 
YP Chair - 
T&R Chair - 
Mentor for a Day Organizer - Baron Wilson
Executive Committee - Mimosa Miller

U.A.E. Section

Chair - Mohamed Gomaa
Vice Chair - Ajith PJ
Secretary - Devajyoti Bandyopadhyay
Treasurer - Eyyani Sarath
Membership - Haseeb Panakkathodan
Meetings Chair - Dr. Osama Ellian
Public Relations Chair - Suman Nookiredii
Auditing Chair - Fares Fraih

Western Europe Section

Chair - Nina Lilley
Vice Chair - Keith Lilley
Secretary - Tun Tun Min
Treasurer - Jonathan Morley
Membership - Keith Lilley
T&R Chair - Rodrigo Perez Fernandez 
YP Chair - Viviana Carta
Paper/Content Chair - Keith Hutchinson
Awards Chair - Robert Prior
Educator - Iraklis Lazakis
Electronic Communications/Webmaster - Antonio Gallardo
Committee Member - Serdar Isik, WES Paper Contest Judge
Committee Member - Mary Zagoritou, WES Paper Contest Judge
Committee Member - Dimitrios Tsevdos, Past Chair, Student Section Strathclyde