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(mt) Magazine

(mt) magazine features cutting edge technical articles on topics of interest across all marine disciplines.

SNAME is pleased to offer (mt) magazine as a feature of membership. (mt) is full of cutting edge technical articles on topics of interest across all marine disciplines. 

Each issue of (mt) includes:

  • vessel reports
  • in-depth features
  • historical notes
  • public policy briefings
  • profiles of SNAME founders and leaders
  • abstracts of highlighted technical papers
  • reviews of maritime books and media.

For members, (mt) magazine is a FREE benefit of membership.

Subscriptions are available for non-members, institutions and agencies:

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The Integration of ML and DL

A convergence of AI technologies is changing the way we understand the ocean

By Yong Bai, Zihan Yang, and Yasutaka Narazaki

The ocean, covering two-thirds of the Earth’s surface in vast expanses of blue, harbors rich and mysterious life while holding an abundance of resources and challenges. In this vast domain, ocean engineering aims to overcome the forces of nature, explore the depths of the sea, and harness marine resources for sustainable development. However, the field faces numerous challenges, including the complexity of the marine environment, the durability of structural designs, and the efficient use of resources. A major challenge in ocean engineering lies in monitoring and understanding the dynamic changes in the marine environment. The ocean is a complex system where factors such as climate, tides, and ocean currents constantly fluctuate, introducing significant uncertainties to ocean engineering. Additionally, the design and maintenance of offshore structures confront issues like durability, corrosion resistance, and structural safety....

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