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Certificates of Appreciation


Certificates of Appreciation are awarded to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding, dedicated service to SNAME



Christopher D. Barry



Christopher D. Barry  |  United States Coast Guard
For his dedicated service and coordination of IBEX Super Sessions over the years




William H. Cowardin, Jr.  |  Gibbs & Cox
For his dedicated service and leadership as Functional Vice President of Membership

Norbert Doerry



Norbert Doerry  |  Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division
For his dedicated service and leadership as the Chair of the (mt) Editorial Board




Nathan Tyler Hagan  |  United States Navy
For his dedicated service and leadership as Functional Vice President of Knowledge Management

Paul C. Jackson



Paul C. Jackson  |  Marine Design Dynamics
For his service as Chair of the ABET Committee and SNAME liaison

Justin Klag



Justin Klag  |  Gibbs & Cox
For his continued leadership as PE Licensing Committee Chair, and his superb work and dedication to the completion of the PE NAME Reference Guide


Ernesto V. Luzzatto



Ernesto V. Luzzatto  |  Hill Rivkins LLP
For his dedicated service and active participation on the Pension Committee for over 40 years

Maggie Nate



Maggie Nate  |  Gibbs & Cox
In appreciation for serving as the Chair of the 2021 SNAME Maritime Convention

Baron C. Wilson



Baron C. Wilson  |  Gibbs & Cox
For his dedicated service and coordination of SNAME’s Mentor for a Day Program at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) over the years

Certificate Recipients

2022     Christopher D. Barry, William H. Cowardin, Jr., Norbert H. Doerry, Nathan Tyler Hagan, Paul C. Jackson, Justin Klag, Ernesto V. Luzzatto, Maggie Nate, Baron C. Wilson

2021     James N. Brekke, William H. Cowardin, Jr., Christine M. Gilbert, Donald M. Hamadyk, William L. Hurley, Jr., Steve Leverette, Jane Louie, Naresh M. Maniar, Richard A. Mueller, Glenn E. Walters

2020     Frederick H. Ashcroft, Tom Eccles, Chris B. McKesson, Eric G. Paterson, Paul J. Roden

2019     Philip C. Koenig, Kenneth R. Lane, Edward M. Lewandowski, Chris B. McKesson, R. Keith Michel, Peter G. Noble, Alan L. Rowen*

2018     Ajith P J, Raju Datla, Thalía Krüger, John A. Malone, Edward G. Stokes, Xiaozhi (Christina) Wang

2017     David S. Chapman, Brian P. R. Eisenhower, Frederick Gordon, Nathan Tyler Hagan, William B. Hale, Stephen G. Kemp*, Jennifer Lin, Ernesto V. Luzzatto, Walter M. Maclean*, Alberto Morandi, Paul J. Roden, Lars Ronning, Alan L. Rowen*, David J.  Soukup

2016     Roger Basu, Todd Grove, Hans-Georg Payer, Bruce Rosenblatt, Matthew Tedesco, Krish Thiagarajan, Mary Saady, David Singer