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Printed Quarterly, each issue of (mt) provides unmatched coverage about technology advances and
improvements, rules and regulations, case studies along with commentary on related public
policy issues. Helping the practicing naval architect, marine and ocean engineers perform at a
higher level. Eash issue is available in a digital format as well.

SNAME: Connecting Naval Architects and Marine Engineers for over 125 Years.

As the flagship publication of SNAME, (mt) is the trusted source for the latest technology, policy advances, and analysis. With a readership in excess of 80,000 (including online readers) this is a vital publication in the maritime industry! Only (mt) brings together SNAME professional members as contributors and readers, amid the international community of SNAME sections and members to publish industry leading content.

We Deliver Committed, Qualified Readers.

With a 92% SNAME member retention rate, (mt) readers are passionate advocates and users of products and services for the maritime industry, loyal to the advertisers who support their society. They are highly educated and highly involved in all aspects of purchasing for the marine industry. The level of industry experience [64% with 15+years and 29% with 30+ years] qualifies them as experts in the maritime industry.

The Leading Source for Buyers.

Purchasing Power

SNAME Members Demand Technical Credibility.

(mt) provides vital technical information and thought leadership to the global maritime industry and community of naval architects, marine and ocean engineers and related professionals.


• Technological advances and improvements
• Case studies
• Professional notes for business
• Public policy discussion in every issue

(mt) has created a revised blend of content that is more relevant for architects and marine engineers.


Feature articles [five at four to six pages each] include clear, concise graphics, drawings, tables, charts, or photos that show data that supports technical discussions. One of the features focuses on a ship or vessel report with standard drawing, characteristics and key specifications.

Departments provide opinion and editorial content in addition to member profiles, policy briefings, technical notes, SNAME paper abstracts, education, book, web site and media reviews and historical notes.


OCTOBER 2020 Issue
FOCUS: Regional Focus: Gulf of Mexico & the Caribbean

Advertising space close:          1 September
Advertising materials close:   4 September

JANUARY 2021 Issue
FOCUS: Propulsion

Advertising space close:         2 December
Advertising materials close:   5 December

APRIL 2021 Issue
FOCUS: Safety at Sea

Advertising space close:         2 March
Advertising materials close:   5 March

JULY 2021 Issue
FOCUS: Regional Focus: Mediterranean and Arabian Gulf

Advertising space close:         1 June
Advertising materials close:   5 June

OCTOBER 2021 Issue
FOCUS: High-Performance Craft

Advertising space close:          1 September
Advertising materials close:   4 September

Preferred format: PDF/X-1A

  • All fonts and images must be embedded.
  • All elements must be CMYK.
  • Black text should be built with black only.

Trim size:    8 1/8 x 10 7/8 
Bleed size: 8 3/8 x 11 1/8

  • All non-bleeds ads should be built to 100% of the non-bleed specs.
  • All bleed ads - Material not intended to bleed should be kept 1/8-inc from gutter and 1/4-inch from trim.