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SNAME Fellow is a distinction earned by SNAME Members whose outstanding contributions to any of the SNAME areas of interest are deemed fitting of this prestigious grade elevation. According to paragraph B1-2 of SNAME Bylaws, “The grade of Fellow may be accorded exclusively to individuals who have made outstanding personal contributions to naval architecture, marine or ocean engineering, or allied disciplines through significant achievements in design, research, production, operation, education, or associated management. A candidate shall have attained the grade of Member and have had not less than ten (10) years of active practice.”

Congratulations to Fall 2020 Fellows

Prof. David Andrews  |  University College London  |  Western Europe
Alexia Aubault  |  Ocergy  |  Northern California
Arun S. Duggal  |  SOFEC, Inc.  |  Texas
Jerry Ng Kok Loon  |  BOS (Global)  |  International (Singapore)
Ajith P J  |  ARIES MARINE  |  UAE
Zhiyong Yang  |  7C Engineering LLC  |  Texas


SNAME Fellow Resources

Nomination to the grade of Fellow is a peer-driven process. 

  1. A complete nomination package must include a completed nomination form and at least three signed letters of recommendation from an initiator and two endorsers, all of whom must be Fellows or Members of SNAME. Additional letters of recommendation may be included from endorsers who need not be SNAME Fellows or Members.
  2. A candidate for the grade of Fellow cannot be the initiator or an endorser of his/her own nomination, and the nominee should not be aware or informed of his/her nomination.
  3. Complete Fellow nomination packages can be submitted to SNAME Headquarters at any time.
  4. The Fellows Committee conducts two evaluation cycles each year, one in the Spring and one in the Fall.
  5. Nominations for the 2021 Spring cycle are due on 26 February. Nominations for the Fall cycle are due on 26 June.

Questions? Please contact Sofia Iliogrammenou

First Name Last Name Member  Section Fellow Year
Jack Abbott Y Chesapeake 1995
Egil  Abrahamsen Y International 2018
Bruce Adee Y Pacific Northwest 2010
Robert G. Allan Y Pacific Northwest 2000
Roderick Allan Y Texas 2005
John V. Amy Jr. Y Chesapeake 2020
David Andrews Y Western Europe 2020
James Antrim Y Northern California 1999
Joseph Timothy Arcano Y Chesapeake 2015
Frederick Ashcroft Y Southwest 2008
Glenn Ashe Y Chesapeake 2008
Alexia Aubault Y Northern California 2020
Yong Bai Y International (China) 2017
Amos Baki Y Southwest 2000
Paul E. Barbeau Y Eastern Canadian 2017
Roderick Barr Y Chesapeake 2007
Christopher D. Barry Y Chesapeake 2017
Roger Basu Y Eastern Canadian 2015
Robert Beck Y Gr. Lakes/Gr. Rivers 1993
Suzanne M. Beckstoffer Y Hampton Roads 2013
Vadim L. Belenky Y Chesapeake 2019
William Bennett Y Texas 2005
Frank G.  Bercha Y Arctic 2019
Michael Bernitsas Y Gr. Lakes/Gr. Rivers 1998
Samuel Bevins Y Hampton Roads 1986
Lothar Birk Y Gulf 2017
Damien Bloor Y Western Europe 2013
Donald Blount Y Hampton Roads 1982
James Bond Y Texas 2019
Neil Bose Y Canadian Atlantic 2002
Julian F. Bowes Y Texas 2019
John Boylston Y New England 1995
James N.  Brekke Y Texas 2018
Karl Briers Y Chesapeake 2015
Ronald Briggs Y Northern California 2000
Joseph M. Brincat Y UAE 2017
J. Bringloe Y Pacific Northwest 2008
Alan Brown Y Chesapeake 2000
David Burke Y New England 1997
Ian R. Busch Y Southwest 2018
Edwin Cangin Y Southwest 2005
Charles J. Cannon III Y Pacific Northwest 2018
Benedict Capuco Y Chesapeake 2020
James Card Y Texas 1997
Carl Carlsen Y International (Norway) 2013
Michael Carroll Y Texas 2016
Jay Carson Y Southwest 2012
John A C Cartner Y Northern California 1996
Richard C. Celotto Y Chesapeake 2014
Lambros Chahalis Y Greek 2015
David Chapman Y Philadelphia 2015
Maxwell Cheung Y Southwest 1997
Chrys Chryssostomidis Y New England 1994
Edward Clendenning Y Pacific Northwest 2000
H. Paul Cojeen Y Chesapeake 2016
Tim Colton Y Southeast 2005
Joseph Comer Y Gulf 2004
Roger Compton Y Hampton Roads 1999
Edward Comstock Y New England 2001
Donald Courtsal Y Southeast 1999
William H.  Cowardin, Jr. Y Chesapeake 2017
D.N. Bruce Cowper Y Arctic 2015
Kenneth Croasdale Y Arctic 2019
Joseph Cuneo Y New York Met 1999
Charles Cushing Y New York Met 1994
Jurek Czujko Y International (Norway) 2016
John Daidola Y New York Met 1996
Claude Daley Y Canadian Atlantic 2015
Mark A. Danaczko Y Texas 2014
William Day Y Chesapeake 1994
Jan de Kat Y International (Denmark) 2004
Richard D. Delpizzo Y Chesapeake 2017
Dietmar Deter Y Texas 2007
Arun Kr Dev Y International (Singapore) 2019
Arthur Divens Y Chesapeake 2015
Victoria Dlugokecki Y New York Met 2015
Norbert Doerry Y Chesapeake 2012
Richard D'Souza Y Texas 2015
Arun S. Duggal Y Texas 2020
Peter W. Ebbutt Y Southeast 2014
Brian H. H.  Eccles Y Texas 2017
Thomas Eccles Y Chesapeake 2012
John (Jay) L.R. Edgar Y Pacific Northwest 2013
Lourdes Elona-Lilley Y Western Europe 2018
R. Cengiz Ertekin Y Southwest 2006
Raymond Fales Y Texas 2007
Jeffrey Falzarano Y Texas 2005
Endicott M. Fay Y Pacific Northwest 2018
Jose Femenia Y New York Met 1994
John Filson Y Pacific Northwest 2005
Howard Fireman Y Texas 2012
Joseph Fischer Y Gr. Lakes/Gr. Rivers 1992
William A. Fox Y Hampton Roads 2017
Paul A. Franklin Y New England 2019
Fernando Frimm Y Texas 2017
Peter Gale Y Chesapeake 1997
John  Gallagher Y Chesapeake 2017
William Garzke Y Chesapeake 1998
Robert Geary Y New England 1997
George Gibby Y Texas 2005
Tim Glinatsis Y New England 2018
Mohamed A. Gomaa Y U.A.E. 2020
Robert B. Gordon Y Texas 2019
Omer Goren Y International (Turkey) 2014
William Gray Y New York Met 1995
Richard Greenwood Y Pacific Northwest 2013
Gregory Grigoropoulos Y Greek 2009
Glen  Grogan Y Chesapeake 2016
Philip  Grossweiler Y Texas 2015
Todd W. Grove Y Texas 2014
Salvadore J. Guarino Y Gulf 2017
Carlos Guedes Soares Y Western Europe 2007
Igor Guz Y Western Europe 2016
John Hackett Y Gulf 2005
William Hale Y Southwest 2005
John E. Halkyard Y Texas 2017
James Harbach Y New York Met 2011
Roy Harrington Y Hampton Roads 1983
Darrel J. Harvey Y Texas 2018
John Hatley Y Texas 2016
David Helgerson Y Chesapeake 2012
Ismail H. Helvacioglu Y International (Turkey) 2020
Halsey C. Herreshoff Y New England 2017
John Higginbotham Y New York Met 1997
Robert Hill Y New England 2015
William Hockberger Y Chesapeake 2002
Russell Hoffman Y New England 2016
Hans Hofmann Y Gr. Lakes/Gr. Rivers 2003
Jeffrey Hough Y Chesapeake 2012
John G. Hoyt III Y Chesapeake 2019
Chi-Chao Hsiung Y Northern California 2002
William Hunley Y Chesapeake 1980
William Hurley Y Pacific Northwest 2005
Keith Hutchinson Y Western Europe 2016
Bruce Hutchison Y Pacific Northwest 2000
Aleksandr Iyerusalimskiy Y Texas 2015
Tony T.  Jang Y Chesapeake 2018
Patrick Janssens Y International (China) 2016
Peter Jaquith Y Southwest 1998
Robert Johnson Y Chesapeake 1986
Dale Karr Y Gr. Lakes/Gr. Rivers 2005
Masashi Kashiwagi  Y International (Japan) 2018
Jonathan Kaskin Y Chesapeake 2012
Dr. Raouf Kattan Y Western Europe  2017
Raymond Kaufman Y Chesapeake 1979
Robert Keane, Jr. Y Chesapeake 1994
John Keast Y Canadian Atlantic 2015
Andrew Kendrick Y Eastern Canadian 2017
Colen Kennell Y Chesapeake 2015
Justin Kerwin Y New England 1992
Sean Kery Y Chesapeake 2019
Hyun Soo Kim Y International (S. Korea) 2020
Yonghwan Kim Y International (S. Korea) 2020
Philip Kimball Y New England 1997
Brian King Y Pacific Northwest 2015
Spyros A. Kinnas Y Texas 2017
Karl Kirkman Y Chesapeake 1989
Harris I. Knecht Y Texas 2018
George Knight Y New York Met 1997
Philip Koenig Y Chesapeake 2003
John Kokarakis Y Greek 2013
Thomas E.  Koster Y Texas 2017
Dirk Kristensen Y Pacific Northwest 2008
Hans Otto  Kristensen Y International (Denmark) 2019
Thalía A. Krüger Y Texas 2018
Gregers Kudsk Y Western Europe  2017
Chengi Kuo Y Western Europe 2016
Dr. Peter S.K.  Lai Y Western Europe  2017
Petros Lalangas Y Greek 2002
Thomas Lamb Y Pacific Northwest 1991
Alexander Landsburg Y Chesapeake 2006
Kenneth Lane Y Pacific Northwest 2005
Panagiotis Laskaridis Y Greek 2016
Robert Latorre Y Chesapeake 2008
Timothy S. Leach Y Pacific Northwest 2019
Dr. Steven Leverette Y Texas 2017
Robert Levine Y Chesapeake 2008
Edward Lewandowski Y Chesapeake 2015
Keith Lilley Y Western Europe 2016
Jennifer Lin Y Chesapeake 2016
Haakon-Elizabeth Lindstad Y Western Europe  2017
Donald Liu Y Texas 2005
Pengfei Liu Y Pacific Northwest 2019
Dr. Roald T. Lokken Y Texas 2017
Jerry Ng Kok Loon Y International (Singapore) 2020
Kai-tung (KT)  Ma Y Texas 2018
Tom Mackey Y Gr. Lakes/Gr. Rivers 1998
Walter Maclean Y New York Met 1991
Donald Macpherson Y New England 2015
Allan R.  Magee Y International (Singapore) 2019
Ramesh Maini Y Texas 2016
John Malone Y Southwest 2011
Naresh Maniar Y New York Met 1995
John Manning Y International (Australia) 2016
Alaa Mansour Y Northern California 1998
Henry Marcus Y New England 2003
Robert Markle Y Chesapeake 2008
Michael Martin Y NY Met 2016
Sydney Mathews Y Eastern Canadian 1988
John Maxham Y New England 1999
Timothy Alan McAllister Y Chesapeake 2017
Scott McClure Y Texas 2013
Dan E. McGreer Y Pacific Northwest 2013
Christopher McKesson Y Pacific Northwest 2015
Kevin McTaggart Y Canadian Atlantic 2015
Paul Mentz Y Chesapeake 2001
John Mercier Y Texas 1985
Jennifer G. Michaeli Y Hampton Roads 2017
R. Keith Michel Y New York Met 1998
Timothy Mierzwicki  Y Chesapeake 2019
Jon Mikkelsen Y Pacific Northwest 2016
Jerome Milgram Y New England 1997
Paul H. Miller Y Chesapeake 2017
Eugene R. Miller III Y New England 2017
Eugene R. Miller, Jr. Y Chesapeake 2017
Torgeir Moan Y International (Norway) 2016
Arnold Moore Y Southeast 2000
Alberto Morandi Y Texas 2017
William Morgan Y Chesapeake 1986
Jonathan Morley Y Western Europe 2013
Samuel Morse Y No Section (USA) 1984
Richard A. Mueller Y Gr. Lakes/Gr. Rivers 2018
Hans F. Muhlert Y Pacific Northwest 2020
Bruce Nehrling Y Chesapeake 2002
Colin P. Nelson Y Texas 2019
John Newman Y New England 1988
Peter Noble Y Texas 2000
Calvin Norton Y Texas 2016
Henry Olson Y Northern California 2000
Jeom Kee Paik Y International (S. Korea) 2011
Apostolos Papanikolaou Y Greek 2006
Jonathan Parrott Y Pacific Northwest 2013
Michael Parsons Y Gr. Lakes/Gr. Rivers 1991
Eric G. Paterson Y Chesapeake 2017
J. Randolph Paulling Y Northern California 1975
Hans G. Payer Y Western Europe 2005
Stephen Payne Y Western Europe 2011
F. Tim Pease Y Texas 1995
David Pedrick Y New England 2006
Anastassios Perakis Y Gr. Lakes/Gr. Rivers 2003
Guido F. Perla Y Pacific 2014
David Petruska Y Texas 2019
Charles Piersall Y Philadelphia 2010
Ajith P J Y UAE 2020
William A. Plice Y Pacific Northwest 2018
Kevin D. Prince Y Chesapeake 2017
Harilaos Psaraftis Y International (Denmark) 2009
Wei Qiu Y Canadian Atlantic 2015
Anil Raj Y Gulf 2019
Robert Randall Y Texas 2005
David Rathburn Y Hampton Roads 2014
Arthur M. Reed Y Chesapeake 2002
Harry Ren Y Texas 2019
Christopher Reyling Y New York Met 1998
Shin Hyung Rhee Y International (S. Korea) 2019
John Ringelberg Y Southeast 2009
Jonas W. Ringsberg Y International (Sweden) 2018
Dominique  Roddier Y Northern California 2015
Paul Roden Y Chesapeake 2008
David Rodger Y New York Met 1997
Richard Rodi Y New York Met 2009
William Rogalski Y Chesapeake 2001
Bruce Rosenblatt Y New York Met 1998
Richard Royce Y New York Met 2016
Nils Salvesen Y Chesapeake 2005
Roger Schaffer Y Chesapeake 2015
Thomas E.  Schellin Y Western Europe 2013
Robert Scott Y Chesapeake 1998
William Sembler Y New York Met 2001
Brian Sharples Y Texas 2005
Rubin Sheinberg Y Chesapeake 2000
Jong Gye Shin Y International (S. Korea) 2015
Robert Sielski Y Southwest 2012
William M. Simpson, Jr. Y New England 2018
David J. Singer Y Gr. Lakes/Gr. Rivers 2014
Jaideep Sirkar Y Chesapeake 2017
Carlos Guedes Soares Y Western Europe 2007
Robert Somerville Y Southeast 2009
Sergio H. Sphaier Y International (Brazil) 2019
Lorenzo Spinelli Y Western Europe 1983
John A. Springer III Y Pacific Northwest 2018
Charles Springett Y Chesapeake 2011
Konstantinos  Spyrou Y Greek 2015
David St. Amand Y New England 2012
Frederick Stern Y Gr. Lakes/Gr. Rivers 2018
Jeffrey Stettler Y Chesapeake 2019
John Stiff Y Texas 2016
Edward G. Stokes Y Texas 2014
Richard Storch Y Pacific Northwest 1995
Jason Strickland Y Chesapeake 2016
Ashik Subahani Y UAE 2017
Jing Sun Y Gr. Lakes/Gr. Rivers 2018
Rob Tagg Y Northern California 1999
Robert K. Taylor Y Gr. Lakes/Gr. Rivers 2017
Todd Taylor Y New England 2019
Matthew Tedesco Y Pacific Northwest 2012
Tony Teo Y Texas 2016
Anil Thayamballi Y Northern California 2015
Krish Thiagarajan Y New England 2016
Gary Thompson Y Northern California 1998
George Thomson Y Eastern Canadian 2016
Richard Thorpe Y Chesapeake 2007
Barrick Tibbitts Y Chesapeake 1999
Kirsi Tikka Y Western Europe 2012
Carlos Tomassoni Y Chesapeake 2013
James Towers Y Pacific Northwest 2011
Robert L. Townsin Y Western Europe 2012
Yvonne  Traynham Y New York Met 2019
Michael Triantafyllou Y New England 2016
Armin Troesch Y Gr. Lakes/Gr. Rivers 2002
David P. Tuturea Y Texas 2018
Naoya Umeda Y International (Japan) 2018
Hendrik van Hemmen Y New York Met 2003
Dracos Vassalos Y Western Europe 2006
Brian Veitch Y Canadian Atlantic 2016
William Vorus Y Gulf 1993
Robert Walsh Y Gr. Lakes/Gr. Rivers 1997
Glenn E. Walters Y Eastern Canadian 2020
Ge Wang Y Texas 2017
Xiaozhi (Christina) Wang Y Texas 2011
Lawrence Ward Y New York Met 1998
William Ward Y Hampton Roads 1986
John Waterhouse Y Pacific Northwest 2003
William Webster Y Northern California 1992
Clifford A.  Whitcomb Y Northern California 2018
Charles N.  White Y Texas 2017
Bruce Whittemore Y Pacific Northwest 1991
Christopher Wiernicki, PE Y Texas 2013
Edwin Wiggins Y New York Met 1997
Goran Wilkman Y International (Finland) 2013
Michael B. Wilson Y Chesapeake 2014
Thomas Winslow Y Pacific Northwest 1998
John Womack Y Hampton Roads 2015
Zhiyong Yang Y Texas 2020
Ronald Yeung Y Northern California 1998
Paul Zankich Y Pacific Northwest 2002
Robert Zubaly Y New York Met 1998

SNAME pays tribute to SNAME Fellows who have made outstanding contributions to naval architecture, marine or ocean engineering, or allied disciplines and are no longer with us.

First Name Last Name Member Type Fellow Year
Robert F. Allan Fellow 1981
E. Eugene Allmendinger Fellow 1991
Anthony Antoniou Fellow 2002
Harry Benford Honorary Member/Fellow 1976
Norman Birrell Fellow 2007
John Breslin Fellow 1982
Richard Broad Fellow 1982
Anthony Brown Fellow 1983
Russell Brown Fellow 1984
Thomas Buermann Fellow 1978
Jean Buhler Fellow 2001
Howard Bunch Fellow 1993
Edward Campbell Honorary Member/Fellow 1992
Douglas Carmichael Fellow 1985
Robert Cashman Fellow 1983
Louis Chirillo Fellow 1991
John P. Comstock Fellow 1974
Barton Cook Fellow 1978
Richard Couch Fellow 1974
William E. Cummins Fellow 1976
John Dalzell Fellow 1990
Amelio D'Arcangelo Fellow 1977
E. Scott Dillon Honorary Member/Fellow 1976
Hugh C. Downer Fellow 1990
Francis Ebel Fellow 1977
Phillip Eisenberg Fellow 1974
J. Harvey Evans Fellow 1976
Keith P. Farrell Fellow 1988
Douglas Faulkner Honorary Member/Fellow 1991
John Flipse Fellow 1981
Matthew G. Forrest Fellow 1974
C.L. French Honorary Member/Fellow 1986
John German Fellow 1996
Robert Giblon Honorary Member/Fellow 1994
John Gilbride Fellow 1974
Lawrence Glosten Fellow 1982
Jerome Goldman Honorary Member/Fellow 1974
James Goodrich Fellow 1974
John Grinstead Fellow 1998
Jacques Hadler Honorary Member/Fellow 1978
A. Dudley Haff Fellow 1979
Thomas Hagner Fellow 2005
Stephen Halpern Fellow 1998
Leslie Harlander Fellow 1987
Arthur Haskell Honorary Member/Fellow 1995
Maurice R.  Hauschildt Fellow 1980
J. Hearnshaw Fellow 1998
Arthur Henn Fellow 1996
James J. Henry Fellow 1974
Robert Herbert Fellow 1986
William Heronemus Fellow 1974
Moses Hirschkowitz Fellow 1995
Robert W.  Hobbs Fellow 1989
Ludwig C. Hoffman Fellow 1974
Donald A.  Holden Fellow 1974
Jens T. Holm Fellow 1980
L.V.  Honsinger Honorary Member/Fellow 1984
Edwin Hood Fellow 2005
Owen Hughes Fellow 2012
Martin Ingwersen Fellow 1997
Mark L.  Ireland, Jr. Fellow 1974
Harry Jackson Fellow 1983
Ralph James Past President/Honorary Member/Fellow 1974
Bruce Johnson Honorary Member/Fellow 2001
John R.  Kane Fellow 1974
Ephraim Kaufman Fellow 1980
J. William Kime Honorary Member/Fellow 1990
Ronald Kiss Honorary Member/Fellow 1982
Roger Kline Fellow 1992
B.V. Korvin-Kroukovsky Fellow 1974
Miklos Kossa Fellow 1999
Robert Kramek Honorary Member/Fellow 1997
E. Ralph Lacey Fellow 1978
Duane Laible Fellow 2003
Louis Landweber Fellow 1978
Wilson D. Leggett, Jr. Fellow 1974
Norman Lemley Fellow 1994
Reuven Leopold Fellow 1977
John B. Letherby Fellow 1979
Edward V. Lewis Fellow 1974
Frank M. Lewis Fellow 1974
James Lisanby Fellow 1983
Charles Lofft Fellow 1985
Chester L. Long Fellow 1981
Richard Lowery Fellow 1974
Edward MacCutcheon Fellow 1984
Douglas MacMillan Fellow 1974
Monroe Macpherson Fellow 1998
Philip  Mandel Fellow 1982
John McCallum Fellow 1981
Justin McCarthy Fellow 1991
Alan McClure Fellow 1987
Lauren McCready Honorary Member/Fellow 1980
Andrew I. McKee Fellow 1974
T. Arthur  McLaren Fellow 1982
Hector McVey Fellow 1986
Robert Mende Fellow 1991
Walter Michel Fellow 1982
Richards Miller Fellow 1979
Robert Miller Fellow 1987
William Milne Honorary Member/Fellow 1994
Albert Mumma Honorary Member/Fellow 1974
Hugh F. Munroe Fellow 1989
Allan B. Murray Fellow 1980
John J. Nachtsheim Fellow 1975
Perry Nelson Honorary Member/Fellow 1993
George C.  Nickum Fellow 1981
John C. Niedermair Fellow 1974
Edward Noonan Fellow 1986
Owen Oakley Fellow 1974
Owen Oakley Fellow 1974
Michel Ochi Fellow 1994
T. Francis Ogilvie Fellow 1983
David O'Neil Honorary Member/Fellow 1993
Peter Palermo Fellow 1989
Frank Pavlik Fellow 1982
Ellsworth Peterson Fellow 2005
Robert Price Fellow 1980
Harold Ramsden Fellow 1997
William Rea, III Fellow 1997
Wolfgang Reuter Fellow 1983
Donald Ridley Fellow 1994
James B. Robertson, Jr. Fellow 1976
Erwin Rohde Fellow 1981
Donald P. Roseman Fellow 1980
Lester Rosenblatt Honorary Member/Fellow 1977
William Rourke Fellow 2000
Alan Rowen Fellow 1997
Daniel Savitsky Honorary Member/Fellow 1996
Henry A. Schade Fellow 1974
Karl E. Schoenherr Fellow 1974
Feridun Serim Fellow 1978
David Seymour Fellow 1989
Howard Shatto Fellow 2005
Charles Sinclair Fellow 1989
John Slager Fellow 1983
Philip Spaulding Fellow 1976
Andrew Spyrou Fellow 1987
Olin Stephens Honorary Member/Fellow 1974
Edwin L. Stewart Fellow 1974
Harvard Stewart Fellow 1999
Stanley Stiansen Fellow 1988
Daniel Strohmeier Honorary Member/Fellow 1974
Klaus Suhrbier Fellow 1979
Gerald Swensson Fellow 1985
Robert Taggart Fellow 1982
Stuart Thayer Fellow 1987
Frederic Thoma Fellow 1981
William duBarry Thomas Fellow 1998
Frederick H. Todd Fellow 1974
Carlton Tripp Fellow 1987
George Uberti Fellow 1987
H Van Der Linde Fellow 1974
Jan Van Manen Honorary Member/Fellow 1984
Allyn C. Vine Fellow 1991
Guy Volcy Fellow 2003
Thomas Walker Fellow 2009
Glenn B. Warren Fellow 1974
David Webb Fellow 2005
Laskar Wechsler Fellow 1981
John Wehausen Fellow 1984
Wes Wheeler Fellow 1998
Charles D. Wheelock Fellow 1974
Trevor White Fellow 1987
Johannes Wichers Fellow 2007
Merville Willis Honorary Member/Fellow 1980
Charles Wilson Honorary Member/Fellow 1998
Douglas Wolff Fellow 2009
Raymond Yagle Fellow 1994
Robert T. Young Fellow 1976
Charles Zeien Fellow 1983
William E. Zimmie Fellow 1987


The SNAME Fellows program is administered by the Fellows Committee that reports its selections to the SNAME Council. The Fellows Committee is made up of 12 members, all of whom are Fellows of SNAME. They represent all five (5) regions of SNAME and have various affiliations.

For more information, visit the SNAME Fellows webpage.