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The Faculty Advisor of The Year Award & The Bruce and Dorothy Rylander Johnson Scholarship



Jon Mikkelsen       
          Jon Mikkelsen  University of British Columbia  |  Canadian Pacific





The Faculty Advisor of the Year Award is awarded to a Student Section Advisor from one of the SNAME Student Sections in recognition of his/her significant contribution to the success of a section and its students.

Student Section leaders, who wish to nominate their Student Section Advisor, may submit their nomination online. The Student Steering Committee reviews the nominations and selects a recipient to be submitted and approved by the Awards Committee.

2023    John Mikkelsen, University of British Columbia

2022     Roger E. Gill, Massachusetts Maritime Academy

2021      Heba W. Leheta, Alexandria University

2020    Rodrigo Perez Fernandez, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

2019     Alan J. Brown, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

2018     Dimitrios V. Lyridis, National Technical University of Athens

2017     David J. Singer,  University of Michigan

2016     Krish P. Thiagarajan, University of Maine   

2015     Sander Calisal, Piri Reis University

2014     Michael Kazek, California Maritime Academy

2013     Jennifer Ryan, The Apprentice School of Newport News Shipbuilding

2012     Michael J. Corl, The Coast Guard Academy

Brett Velzis



  Brett Velzis  |  Massachusetts Maritime Academy           






The Faculty Advisor of the Year can then select a student or students to be awarded The Bruce and Dorothy Rylander Johnson Scholarship in consultation with the Scholarships Committee.  

The Bruce and Dorothy Rylander Johnson Scholarship is an award established and funded by Bruce Johnson and Dorothy Rylander Johnson for the Faculty Advisor of the Year to recognize a student or students who exemplify outstanding contribution to the field of naval, marine, and ocean engineering studies. 
The student(s) must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate program in naval architecture, marine or ocean engineering. The student(s) must have been a Student Member of SNAME for at least four months prior to the award. Should SNAME decide in any year that it will not give out a “Faculty Advisor of the Year Award”, The Bruce and Dorothy Rylander Johnson Scholarship may be presented in that year to another undergraduate student deemed worthy by the Scholarship Committee.

2023    Brett Velzis, Massachusetts Maritime Academy

2022    Shane Curran, Massachusetts Maritime Academy

2021     Zachary Peter Zachary Kelada, Alexandria University

2020   Juan Antonio Perez Socorro, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

2019     Mark A. Parsons, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University

2018     Dimitrios M. Theofanidis, National Technical University of Athens

2017     Patrick Ryan, University of Michigan

2016     Razieh Zangeneh, University of Maine

2015     Yildiz Eksi, Piri Reis University

2014     Brenda C. Davis, California Maritime Academy

2012     Alaina Accumanno, The Coast Guard Academy


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