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Undergraduate Scholarships Application Form

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Undergraduate Scholarships Requirements and Procedures 


1. Applications must be received prior to 1 June with all supporting documentation by 15 June to be eligible for consideration.
2. Open to applicants worldwide, who are actively involved members of SNAME and committed to future membership. 
3. SNAME membership required at least four months prior to the application submission deadline (i.e. 1 February). 
4. Awards are made for one year of study leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in naval architecture, marine engineering, ocean engineering, or in other fields directly related to the marine industry. 
5. Applicants must not receive their bachelor’s degree prior to 15 April  of the academic year they are applying for scholarship. 
6. Undergraduate scholarships may be awarded to an individual only once, and applicants remain eligible for a graduate scholarship. 
7. Applicants must provide evidence of sound academic achievement with a transcript of grades including Grade Point Average (GPA) scores and/or class standing (giving class size and standing)
8. Applicants must give evidence of their passion for naval architecture, marine engineering, ocean engineering and/or other marine field, as well as of their professionalism, commitment and prior and ongoing involvement with SNAME by submitting a supporting essay of 500-600 words. 
9. Selection is in July based upon Scholarships Committee recommendations and Executive Committee approval. 
10. Scholarship funds may be used for student tuition, textbooks, academic fees or other academic related expenses for study and research.
11. Supporting documents may be submitted along with the online application or be emailed separately at 



Deadline: 1 June

Applicant Information



Education, Employment & Military Service

Account for all time, over two months, since you left high school in order, starting with the most recent

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College Record

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Extra Curricular Activities

List any extra curricular activities you have participated in during each year of high / preparatory school, college and SNAME (freshman, sophomore, junior and senior).

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Do you plan to attend school full time?
Have you previously applied for a SNAME undergraduate scholarship?
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