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The Dr. James A. Lisnyk Student Ship Design Competition


The Lisnyk Student Ship Design Competition challenges groups of young people to design theoretical but practical 
cutting-edge vessels. Open to the world's colleges and universities supporting maritime careers, the program 
has fostered teamwork and learning through competition.

1st Place
From left to right: Nick Chisari, Calder Hartigan, and Alexander Minh Tran
Advisor: Prof. Bradley D. M. Golden 
Webb Institute
for their project 
"120 Meter Livestock Carrier Concept Design"



2nd Place
From left to right: Tanner Georgelos, Konrad Biedermann, Joseph Behr, and Jonathan Nelson 
Advisor: Prof. Charles J. Munsch 
SUNY Maritime College
for their project 
"VLCC Crude Oil Tanker"



3rd Place
From left to right: Zachary Peter Zachary Kelada, Ahmed Mohammed Mohammed Ahmed Elkadi, Mostafa Ahmed Abdellah Tantawy, Shehab Saeed Mohamed Yonis Mohamed, Khaled Mohamed Fathy, and Mohamed Alaa Mohamed Ahmed
Advisors: Prof. Mohamed Morsy El-Gohary and Prof. Heba Wael Leheta
Alexandria University
for their project 
"Ocean-going 160m Offshore Support Vessel"



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Entry Details

2021-2022 Dr. James A. Lisnyk Student Ship Design Competition Announcement

Sample Entry Documents
2021-2022 Lisnyk Student Ship Design Competition Rules and Entry Form
Sample Owner's Requirements
Sample Final Report Certification
Sample Judges' Score Sheet for Submarine Designs

Sample Judges' Score Sheet for Surface Ship Designs
2021 Winning Design

2021-2022 Competition Rules and Requirements Schedule
Entry Applications Due: On or before March 1, 2022
Owner’s Requirements Due: On or before March 1, 2022
Designs Submitted: On or before May 31, 2022
Winning Teams Notified: August 15, 2022
Awards Announced and Presented: September 27-29, 2022

Designs received after the May 31, 2022 deadline will not be judged nor considered for an award.
Individuals or teams intending to enter a design in the competition are urged to submit an Entry Form in hard copy or pdf form prior to starting work to:

Mr. Patrick Naughton
Gibbs & Cox Inc.
2711 Richmond HWY, Suite 1000
Arlington, VA  22202

The completed design report must be submitted via email, or by CD to one of the above addresses on or before May 31, 2022.  Hard copies will be accepted but are discouraged.