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Benefits of Membership

The Value Of SNAME Membership

What’s in it for you?

SNAME, formed in 1893 to serve naval architects and marine engineers, has evolved over the years to serve the full spectrum of the vessel life cycle, including:  

Students - Educators/Researchers - Engineers/Designers - Shipbuilders - Manufacturers - Operators - Recyclers/Salvors

Together these make up the Faces of SNAME.  If you’re maritime, you fit into this spectrum in at least one place, and this means SNAME is the right place for you.

SNAME Members Only Features

  • Expand your professional network and advance your career by connecting with our 5,000 members around the world. Access your fellow members through face-to-face meetings at our events, collaboration through our Technical & Research (T&R) Program, or by direct contact through our Members Only Directory.
  • Participate in your local SNAME Section by attending meetings and events and getting involved in leadership.
  • Take a step towards ensuring success on the Professional Engineers licensure exam by participating in this 11-week prep course – available to members only.

  • The collective knowledge of SNAME and its members is available at your fingertips. As a member, you are entitled to download up to 20 free papers from our reservoir of content -- from legacy papers to the latest trends in the industry.

  • Attend Webinars to increase your technical knowledge. SNAME hosts weekly webinars on a variety of maritime content.

  • Attending SNAME events can help you to fulfill your required continuing education and professional development hours, providing a low cost/high reward way to maintain your professional certifications.

  • Access the SNAME Career Center to search for jobs and post your resume.
  • Connect with a senior SNAME Member for Mentoring. Mentoring benefits the givers and receivers. Mentors gain pride and prestige knowing that they are building their legacy and making a positive impact on the industry. Mentees enjoy a greatly reduced learning curve, saving the time and cost of needless beginner mistakes. This is a win-win.

  • SNAME membership broadens your knowledge base by giving you the opportunity to keep up on facets of the industry that you don’t get to see in your day-to-day activities. SNAME helps you stay ahead of the curve.

  • SNAME provides a platform for you to disseminate your ideas and launch your career. As one member aptly put it, “My early involvement in SNAME very rapidly pushed me past the "minion" into the "creator" phase of my career.”

  • Improve your company’s strategic decision-making through access to industry research, standards and guidelines. Use SNAME’s timely information to minimize the chances for loss through regulatory fines and realize gains through an increased awareness of emerging opportunities.

  • Local and International: SNAME members have the opportunity to serve in leadership roles that allow them to grow, learn and try new things outside of the context of their own company. The additional education of volunteer leaders is close in educational value to receiving an MBA, but without the astronomical price tag. The hand-on experiential role can take years of one’s managerial learning curve.

  • Members receive discounted registration fees at all SNAME events, webinars, and meetings
  • Members get significant discounts on our must-have content - select from hundreds of publications and thousands of technical papers.
  • Members receive cost savings to participate in programs and events from related industry partner organizations.

  • Earning a SNAME award or being named a SNAME Fellow delivers benefit through a number of conduits such as the ease of entering collegial groups, opening doors among colleagues, customers and suppliers, securing premiere projects and customers, better employees, referrals, and many others.

All of the above is proof positive that SNAME is a good business decision, a good career decision, and a good financial decision.