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Author Opportunities

SNAME provides many opportunities for researchers and working professionals to publish and share their knowledge. Author agreements allow SNAME to disseminate author work in accordance with SNAME's mission and bylaws.

SNAME does not allow commercialization in formal presentations or published papers.  SNAME's Commercialism Policy sets the framework for the development of papers and presentations.  Authors and presenters are expected to provide their professional affiliations, and, where appropriate, to acknowledge support received, including that received from commercial concerns. However, use of trademarked names, display of corporate logos, or analogous practices should follow SNAME's Commercialism Policy.



* Authors interested in submitting a paper to the Journal of Sailing Technology can access the JST Paper Template through the submission page by clicking on the "Instructions and Forms" button on top right.


To best serve attendees, SNAME makes its Proceedings available on the first day of the event. To ensure that these Proceedings provide a quality version of each paper, authors are asked to review their manuscript carefully for errors and get all required company approval(s) prior to uploading a manuscript.

Serious Problems with Your Proceedings Paper after Uploading

If, for legal or other reasons, it becomes imperative that a paper NOT appear in the Proceedings, the author must contact the SNAME Conference Program Lead immediately and provide a detailed explanation of why the paper must be withdrawn. The paper will be pulled, as requested.

Correction Requests

If an author has a correction that needs to be made to a submitted manuscript AFTER the submission deadline has passed, the corresponding author should submit the correction information via the Manuscript Correction Request Form.

  • A USD $100 fee will be charged for the processing of the updated version. 

  • Please note that any corrections made will only apply to the version of the manuscript on OnePetro.

  • Correction requests will take up to two weeks to be processed and uploaded to OnePetro.