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T&R Committees


The Society encourages and sponsors maritime research into areas of the ocean sciences by means of the Technical and Research (T&R) Program,  with particular emphasis on marine vehicles and offshore structures. The T&R Program consists of ten T&R Committees, each dedicated to a general area of research. T&R Panels serve as subcommittees of each T&R Committee, to provide more focused research into defined areas.

The T&R Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, chaired by John Daidola, oversees the work of the T&R Committees and Panels.  Its members represent all segments of the maritime industry and cooperating academic and governmental agencies. The Committee is responsible for the detailed planning and execution of a Society sponsored Technical and Research program, and forms technical committees and panels to carry out this research.

The Committee establishes research priorities, projects anticipated needs in future technology, and develops research programs designed to meet future needs.  The Committee monitors fund raising in support of all technical and research activities and the fiscal and contractual administration of such funds. The Committee authorizes T&R Committees and their panels to form joint committee with the American Society of Naval Engineers.