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2022 Winners

Congratulations to our 2022 Medalists and Awardees!

The David W. Taylor Medal

Barry Tibbitts
Barry Tibbitts

The Dr. Kenneth S. M. Davidson Medal


Jeffrey M. Falzarano
Jeffrey M. Falzarano
Texas A&M University, College Station



The William H. Webb Medal


Chengi Kuo

Chengi Kuo
University of Strathclyde

The Francis T. Bowles Medal

Krishna “Kris” Karri
Krishna “Kris” Karri
TAI Engineers, LLC


Robert E. Heger
Robert E. Heger  |  Heger Dry Dock, Inc.
From left to right: Evangelos Boulougouris, Apostolos Papanikolaou, Mikal Dahle, Edmund Tolo, Yan Xing-Kaeding, Christoph Jürgenhake, Tobias Seidenberg, Carolina Sachs, Craig Brown, and Frode Jenset

for their paper
"Implementation of Zero Emission Fast Shortsea Shipping"


Michael G. Morabito
Michael G. Morabito

for his paper"A Review of Hydrodynamic Design Methods for Seaplanes"
Journal of Ship Production and Design, August 2021




Soonseok Song, Saishuai Dai, Yigit Kemal Demirel, Mehmet Atlar, Sandy Day, and Osman Turan

for their paper
"Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Effect of Hull Roughness on Ship Resistance"
Journal of Ship Research, March 2021


Douglas Edward Perrault

for his paper
"Probability of Sea Condition for Ship Strength, Stability, and Motion Studies"
Journal of Ship Research, March 2021

From left to right: Takeshi Shinoda, Takashi Tanaka, Hayato Okamoto, and Daisuke Umemoto

for their paper
"A Method of Automated Work Observation for Ship Production Using Deep Neural Networks"

Lourdes Elona Lilley
Lourdes Elona Lilley*
Roger E. Gill         
          Roger E. Gill  |  Massachusetts Maritime Academy




Shane Curran


Shane Curran  |  Massachusetts Maritime Academy          




Fall Cycle Fellows

John P. Hollingsworth  |  Consultant  |  Chesapeake
William S. Peters  |  U.S. Coast Guard  |  Chesapeake
Patrick Dean Roberts  |  SSI – ShipConstructor Software USA, Inc.  |  Gulf
Christopher Serratella  |  American Bureau of Shipping  |  Texas

Spring Cycle Fellows

Evangelos K. Boulougouris  |  University of Strathclyde  |  Western Europe
Richard J. Burke  |  Maritime College, State University of New York  |  New York Met
Rodrigo Perez Fernandez  |  Universidad Politécnica de Madrid & Siemens Digital Industries Software  |  Western Europe
Spyros E. Hirdaris  |  Aalto University, FI  |  Western Europe
Atilla Incecik  |  University of Strathclyde  |  Western Europe

Christopher D. Barry



Christopher D. Barry  |  United States Coast Guard
For his dedicated service and coordination of IBEX Super Sessions over the years




William H. Cowardin, Jr.  |  Gibbs & Cox
For his dedicated service and leadership as Functional Vice President of Membership

Norbert Doerry

Norbert Doerry  |  Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division
For his dedicated service and leadership as the Chair of the (mt) Editorial Board


Nathan Tyler Hagan  |  United States Navy
For his dedicated service and leadership as Functional Vice President of Knowledge Management

Paul C. Jackson

Paul C. Jackson  |  Marine Design Dynamics
For his service as Chair of the ABET Committee and SNAME liaison

Justin Klag



Justin Klag  |  Gibbs & Cox
For his continued leadership as PE Licensing Committee Chair, and his superb work and dedication to the completion of the PE NAME Reference Guide

Ernesto V. Luzzatto

Ernesto V. Luzzatto  |  Hill Rivkins LLP
For his dedicated service and active participation on the Pension Committee for over 40 years


Maggie Nate



Maggie Nate  |  Gibbs & Cox
In appreciation for serving as the Chair of the 2021 SNAME Maritime Convention

Baron C. Wilson

Baron C. Wilson  |  Gibbs & Cox
For his dedicated service and coordination of SNAME’s Mentor for a Day Program at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) over the years

Graduate Paper Honor Prize
Christian Velasco-Gallego


Christian Velasco-Gallego  |  University of Strathclyde
Advisor: Iraklis Lazakis
for his paper "A Real-Time Semi-Supervised Anomaly Detection Framework for Fault Diagnosis of Marine Machinery Systems"


Graduate Paper Award

From left to right: Ahmed A. Hamada, Abigail Rolen, and William McCullough  |  Texas A&M University
Advisor: Mirjam Fürth
for their paper "Numerical Simulation of the Effect of Wave Characteristics on PTO of Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter"


Undergraduate Paper Honor Prize
Calder Hartigan


Calder Hartigan  |  Webb Institute
         for his paper "A Numerical Investigation of Unsteady Surge Effects in Slender Hulls"

Undergraduate Paper Award
Benjamin Lilly


Benjamin Lilly  |  Webb Institute
for his paper "Analysis and Optimization of Power Plant Selection for Harbor Tugboats"


1st Place

Patricio "Pato" Duhalde and Enrique Luis Liccardi Sañudo  |  Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
for their project 
"Littoral Mission Vessel"


2nd Place

George Hambleton, Nathaniel Phillips, Erin Postma, and Mark Reed  |  Webb Institute
Advisor: Prof. Bradley D. M. Golden
for their project 
"75m Salvage Tug Concept Design"


3rd Place

Victoria Kim, Alexander Lytle, Lorenzo Pensabene, and Natalie Webb  |  Webb Institute
Advisor: Prof. Bradley D. M. Golden
for their project 
"R/V Coelacanth: A 113 ft Oceanographic Research Vessel Concept Design"