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Environmental Engineering Committee

The environmental engineering committee (EC) is made up of panels that address persistent and emerging environmental issues: environmental management (EC-7), greenhouse gas (EC – 11), underwater noise (EC-14, formed in 2019), and the blue economy (EC-15, formed in 2020). Former panels include: oily wastewater and bilgewater, ocean renewable energy, emergent technologies, and marine vessel environmental performance (MVEP). An aim of the environmental committee is to coordinate with other T&R committee panels, such as OC-10 Offshore Renewables in the Offshore Committee and SP-13 Environmental Health, and Safety in the Ship Production (NSRP) Committee, who also work on environmental issues so as to all work collaboratively and efficiently.

T&R Bulletins published by the committee:

· 6-01 Guide to Diagnosing Contaminants in Oily Bilgewater: Operation and Maintenance of Bilgewater Treatment Systems (2009)
· 6-02 MVEP Guide: Energy Efficiency -1: Hull and propeller, maintenance and operation (2013)
· 6-02 MVEP Guide Air Emissions -1: Sulfur Oxides (SOx) (2014)
· 6-02 MVEP Guide General Measures -1: Ocean Health and Aquatic Life – Underwater Noise (2014) *Currently under review for revision by panel EC-14
Through a Partnership Agreement between SNAME and Green Marine, SNAME members may also contribute to the development of Green Marine’s program. The leading sustainability certification program for the maritime industry, Green Marine’s scope and criteria include over a dozen performance indicators addressing impacts to air, land, water, and communities.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact the Committee Chair

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