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EC-15 Blue Economy

The United Nations has named this decade the “Decade of the Ocean” and has made all things related to the Blue Economy  a priority for the next 10 years starting in 2021.   The Blue Economy, by whatever definition, is broad.
The Blue Economy is as exciting as it is important.  It is now growing faster than the general world economy and is expected to do so for the next several decades.  All of society depends on the oceans and waterways regardless of proximity for their welfare, environment, and security. The Blue Economy is exceptionally large and complex.  It covers energy, shipping, security, climate, food webs, recreation and tourism among other things.  It is inherently transnational in policy, regulation, and activity.
SNAME is an international technical society focused on marine activities.  It has a credible voice in the Blue Economy.  SNAME can work to influence a better Blue Economy in terms of the technical and related disciplines associated with nearly every aspect of the Blue Economy.
EC-15 will focus on  topics such as how to move the offshore and marine industry to embrace Industry 4.0; engage with Classification, Flag, and others on codes and standards; evaluate policy forces in any number of areas grounded in science and engineering to inform current and future policy making; and promote sustainable and responsible economic development. It will be a home for technical questions related to novel marine structures such as aquaculture farms and other emerging technologies.
By its very nature, EC-15 must work in a collaborative fashion with other SNAME Technical and Research Committees and other organizations.

Committee Members