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The Arthur J. Haskell Graduate Scholarship

for Advanced Study in Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture and/or Ocean Engineering

Past President Arthur Jacob Haskell has been a member of SNAME since 1953.  Under his leadership as President the Society broadened its horizons and held its first Annual Meeting outside New York City (1990 in San Francisco).  His career accomplishments and contributions to the Society have been recognized through his status as a Fellow Member, and his 1995 receipt of The Vice Admiral Emory S. “Jerry” Land Medal.  Arthur J. Haskell, 93, passed peacefully on Tuesday, 3rd December 2019 surrounded by his family in Oakland, California. 

A graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, Mr. Haskell received a professional degree in Naval Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Following his service in the US Navy and other employment, Mr. Haskell joined Matson Navigation Company in 1964 as a Project Engineer and was named Vice-President Engineering and Marine Operations in 1970.  His leadership was essential to Matson's major containership conversion and building program.  The HAWAIIAN ENTERPRISE, HAWAIIAN PROGRESS, LURLINE, MATSONIA, MAUI, KAUAI, and ROBERT J. PFEIFFER are among the ships built and/or reconstructed under his direction.  

The Arthur J. Haskell Scholarship is part of the SNAME Graduate Scholarships Program, and open to applicants worldwide who are members in good standing of SNAME looking to pursue advanced studies in approved universities. Awards are made for one year of study leading to a Master’s Degree in Marine Engineering, Naval Architecture and/or Ocean Engineering. Applicants must not receive their Master's Degree prior to 1 September of the academic year for which the scholarship applies. 

One scholarship for one year of study may be awarded annually. 
Contribute to support exceptional students of the naval arts and sciences.