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2021 Winners

Congratulations to our 2021 Medalists and Awardees!

The David W. Taylor Medal


Professor David Andrews
  University College London

The Blakely Smith Medal


Frank G. Bercha, D.Sc., Ph. D., P.Eng.
Bercha Group



The Vice Admiral Emory S. Jerry "Land" Medal


Kevin Graney
General Dynamics Electric Boat

The William H. Webb Medal


Eric G. Paterson
Virginia Tech National Security Institute


 The Francis T. Bowles Medal


Nathan Tyler Hagan
Office of Naval Operations


Hale 10x245
William B. Hale | General Dynamics NASSCO (Ret.)
From left to right: Jungyong (John) Wang, Jeff Brown, and Robert Frederking

for their paper
"Full-Scale/Model-Scale Comparison of Podded Icebreaker's Performance in Ice with Flexural Strength Measurement Study"


Ø.Ø. Dalheim and S. Steen

for their paper
"Added Resistance and Speed Loss of a Ship Found Using Onboard Monitoring Data"
Journal of Ship Research, June 2020




Taehyung Kim, Jaewook Hur, and Hyoungsuk Lee

for their paper
"Numerical and Experimental Analysis of a Singing Propeller Having Blunt Trailing Edges"
Journal of Ship Research, September 2020


Gunnhildur Högnadottir Steinbakk, Lars Holterud Aarsnes, Magne Aldrin, Ole Christian Astrup, Ola Haug, Gaute Storhaug, and  Erik Vanem

for their paper
"Statistical Approximation to Synthetic Midship Hull Girder Stress Response"
Journal of Ship Research, September 2020

From left to right: Jerald E. Jones, Ph.D., Valerie L. Rhoades, Terry S. Surufka, James R. Dydo, Ph.D., Todd Holverson, and Mark D. Mann

for their paper
"New Hybrid Induction Cutting Processes for Ship Salvage and Recycling"

          Heba W. Leheta  |  Alexandria University






Zachary Peter Zachary Kelada  |  Alexandria University          




Fall Cycle Fellows

Raju Datla  |  Stevens Institute of Technology  |  New York Met
Dr. Iraklis Lazakis  |  University of Strathclyde  | Western Europe
Dr. Karl A. Stambaugh  |  U.S. Coast Guard  |  Chesapeake
A. J. Voogt  |  MARIN  |  Texas

Spring Cycle Fellows

Carmine Giuseppe Biancardi  |  Prestige Global Bahamas  |  Western Europe
Brian James Cheater  |  GustoMSC  |  Texas
Dr. Osama M. Ellian  |  Lloyd’s Register EMEA  |  U.A.E.
Richard B. Ervine  |  BP  |  Texas
Sharath S. Girimaji  |  Texas A&M University  |  Texas
Serdar Isik  |  CRENA Ltd  |  Western Europe
Dimitris K. Konovessis  |  Singapore Institute of Technology  |  International (Singapore)
Ye Li  |  Shanghai Jiaotong University  |  International (China)
Matthew R. Werner  |  Webb Institute  |  New York Met

Graduate Paper Honor Prize

Aaro Karola  |  Aalto University
         for his paper "Nonlinear Effects in Wave Loads Analysis for a Mega Cruise Liner"

Undergraduate Paper Honor Prize

Benjamin S. Hunt and Alexander Koziol IV  |  Webb Institute
for their paper "Developing an Optimization and Design Tool for Marine Electrical Systems"


Undergraduate Paper Award

Maxwell Buchanan, ENS USCG, Mary Kate Decker, ENS USCG, Richard O’Leary, ENS USCG, and Megan Wadleigh, ENS USCG  
United States Coast Guard Academy

for their paper "Small Icebreaker Design: The SIB-70X"





James N. Brekke  |  Brekke Offshore Consulting, LLC
For his dedicated service and leadership as Chair of T&R Offshore Committee and OC-10 Panel on Ocean Renewable Energy Chair


William H. Cowardin, Jr.  |  Gibbs & Cox
For his dedicated service and leadership as Functional Vice-President of Planning


Christine M. Gilbert  |  Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
For her dedicated service and leadership as T&R Hydrodynamics Committee Chair




Donald M. Hamadyk  |  Huntington Ingalls Industries – Newport News Shipbuilding
In Appreciation for Serving as Ship Production Committee Chair


William L. Hurley, Jr.  PE  |  Hurley Maritime Consulting and Glosten/PelaStar
For his dedicated service and leadership as Functional Vice-President of Education





Steve Leverette  |  Leverette Offshore, LLC
In appreciation for serving as Chairman of the 2020 SNAME Maritime Convention


Jane Louie  |  Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock Division
For her dedicated service and leadership as Professional Engineering Licensure Committee Chair




Naresh M. Maniar  |  M. Rosenblatt & Son (Ret.)
In appreciation for serving as SNAME Representative on the Sperry Board of Award




Richard A. Mueller  |  NETSCo., Inc.
For his dedicated service and leadership as Functional Vice-President of Membership




Glenn E. Walters  | Walters Marine Engineering and Consulting Inc.
In appreciation for serving as Membership Committee Chairman

1st Place
From left to right: Nick Chisari, Calder Hartigan, and Alexander Minh Tran
Advisor: Prof. Bradley D. M. Golden 
Webb Institute
for their project 
"120 Meter Livestock Carrier Concept Design"


2nd Place
From left to right: Tanner Georgelos, Konrad Biedermann, Joseph Behr, and Jonathan Nelson 
Advisor: Prof. Charles J. Munsch 
SUNY Maritime College
for their project 
"VLCC Crude Oil Tanker"


3rd Place
From left to right: Zachary Peter Zachary Kelada, Ahmed Mohammed Mohammed Ahmed Elkadi, Mostafa Ahmed Abdellah Tantawy, Shehab Saeed Mohamed Yonis Mohamed, Khaled Mohamed Fathy, and Mohamed Alaa Mohamed Ahmed
Advisors: Prof. Mohamed Morsy El-Gohary and Prof. Heba Wael Leheta
Alexandria University
for their project 
"Ocean-going 160m Offshore Support Vessel"