For a detailed list of past officers, click here
  Chair   Monica Li (monicasli@berkeley.edu)
  Vice-Chair    Yizhuang Liu (liuyizhuang@berkeley.edu)
  Daniel Grieb (djgrieb@berkeley.edu)
  Treasurer   Eric Thacher (ethacher@berkeley.edu)
  Secretary   Michael Kelly (michael.kelly@berkeley.edu)
    Ritwik Ghosh (ritwikghosh@berkeley.edu)
  Webmaster   Ziqi Lu (ziqilu@berkeley.edu) 
    Abdullah Kuraan (abdullah_kuraan@berkeley.edu)
  EJCR   Bradley Peifer (bradley.peifer@gmail.edu)
  Assistant Prof. M. Reza Alam

WELCOME to the CAL-SNAME student section, 
the link between UC Berkeley students and the world of SNAME.

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