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SNAME Power Boat Symposium 2024

Monday, October 14, 2024

Norfolk, Virginia


The SNAME Technical and Research Program in cooperation with the Hampton Roads, Virginia Section of SNAME will host the Sixth Power Boat Symposium on Monday, October 14, just before the start of SMC 2024 in Norfolk, Virginia. It will be held at the same venue, the Hilton Norfolk The Main.


The last Power Boat Symposium was held in the Chesapeake Section, and was always popular as a major component of the maritime community is devoted to small craft. The Hampton Roads Section is home to the U.S. Navy Combatant Craft Center, designers of small craft, and a vibrant power boating community. It is believed this will be a worthy venue for future Power Boat Symposia, which are intended to be scheduled on a biennial basis. The Symposium will be an opportunity for designers, boatbuilders and enthusiasts, together with the research community, to explore and discuss the latest developments in this segment of our industry. It is intended to have interests in all segments utilizing small craft represented including pleasure, naval, commercial and autonomy.

To view the most recent agenda click here.


Topics to be covered in up to 16 technical papers, in two sessions, to be scheduled during the Symposium are expected to include the following:

  • Advancements in composite structure design/materials
  • Advancements in manufacturing of small craft
  • Validation of hydrodynamic studies with computational tools
  • Small craft dynamics & maneuvering
  • Developments in appendage design and analysis
  • New approaches to small craft stability rules
  • Challenges/gaps in current rule sets and regulatory requirements and potential solutions
  • Hybrid & Electric power for small craft
  • Novel small craft design elements
  • Testing/case studies and data artifacts
  • Platform design for autonomy


Important Dates: 

4/15/24 - Abstracts due

5/15/24 - Authors notified of acceptance of abstracts

7/15/24 - First Drafts Due

8/15/24 - Reviews due back to authors

9/15/24 - Final papers due


The Committee invites anyone interested in supporting this activity to contact the Chair, Justin Lorio at or (504)214-4477. Information about T&R can be found on the SNAME Website under the Research & Publications banner.


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