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Scholarship Giving


Thanks to the generosity of SNAME members the Society has been able to fund and support scholarship awards every year. Hundreds of SNAME members have found vital support for their career choices through the SNAME Scholarships program.  Thank you for giving to this great cause!

"Upon leaving naval service, I decided to try to make myself into a naval architect. Without the SNAME scholarship this would have been an impossible goal and I credit that scholarship with the 40 years of fulfilling practice that I have enjoyed in this field."
Glenn M. Ashe, Vice President of Gov't Operations, ABS 


Give to SNAME General Scholarship Fund

SNAME is committed to supporting the student community by significantly increasing its support for undergraduate and graduate scholarships. In support of its Scholarship Program, SNAME encourages its members to make annual contributions.  SNAME matches certain contributions that fund both graduate and undergraduate scholarships, and by that multiplies the value of your generous gift.

Give now to support the SNAME General Scholarship Fund.  


Give to SNAME Named Scholarship Fund

SNAME gives you the option to dedicate your contribution to one or more named scholarships recognizing late members and pre-eminent industry leaders. 

Give now to any of the following named graduate and undergraduate scholarship funds and directly assist students pursuing their degrees in the fields represented by our industry. 

For more information about the SNAME Scholarship Program visit the SNAME Scholarships webpage or contact Scholarships Committee Chair, David Chapman


Endow a Scholarship

A number of families and coalitions of SNAME members have endowed scholarships to honor and/or memorialize an individual of significance to or deeply interested in the professions of naval architecture and marine engineering.  SNAME welcomes the opportunity to explore establishing additional endowed scholarships with those who wish to honor an individual or individuals in this way.   A minimum contribution of $50,000 is necessary to endow a scholarship.

For more information about endowing a scholarship to recognize an individual or organization, contact Scholarships Committee Chair, David Chapman