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T&R Bulletin 6-02 MVEP AE-1: Marine Vessel Environmental Performance Guide: Air Emissions: Sulfur Oxides (SOx) (2014)

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This guide provides recommendations regarding technologies, practices, and fuels that control and reduce sulfur oxide (SOx) emissions. The guide is designed to assist with SOx management and reduction for ocean-going vessels (OGV). Both the environmental and financial impacts of SOx emissions are addressed in the guide.

Options for assessing emissions performance are provided along with a standard methodology for determining SOx output from a vessel. Guidance for reducing emissions is presented. The various options for SOx reduction are discussed to assist in the evaluation of each. Reduction in SOx emissions is an environmental and economic concern. Compliance is a regulated requirement mandated by both international and regional organizations. This paper discusses these regulations to help provide information to make informed decisions. Limitations on SOx are currently in place with more stringent regulations coming in the near future. As with any technology, there needs to be future developments to better meet goals. Additionally, with the adoption of SOx reduction technologies, there are tradeoffs to integration. Both need to be considered when making changes to meet current and future regulations. In the later part of the paper, both are discussed. The MVEP SOx guide is an essential tool for the integration of SOx emission reduction methods onboard a vessel. It provides a methodology for the measurement of emissions from all SOx emitters on vessels and gives options for reduction to meet and/or exceed regulatory requirements.


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6-2 AE-1
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