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 marketing opportunities


Printed Quarterly, each issue of (mt) provides unmatched coverage about technology advances and improvements, rules and regulations, case studies along with commentary on related public policy issues. Helping the practicing naval architect, marine and ocean engineers perform at a higher level. Eash issue is available in a digital format as well. 

A repository for all things SNAME: Technical Information (current and historical), Events (SNAME Sponsored and Industry Wide), Committees/Communities, Member Directory, etc. is a place where members connect, network, collaborate and the public is invited to learn more about our industry.

SNAME Newsletter
A weekly message distributed to over 20,000 SNAME members and non-members, content includes news items, committee updates, upcoming associations and industry programs and events, member profiles, etc.


Exhibit and Sponsorship opportunities

SNAME is an international leader in technical research in naval architecture and the marine industrial sciences. This reputation is reinforced at SNAME sponsored and endorsed symposia around the world. Holding various Symposia/Workshops and Conferences throughout the year, SNAME provides opportunities for face to face interaction and brand-building sponsorships.


SNAME Maritime Convention (SMC)

Our Convention - beyond venues for personal exchange and networking, features a “first look” at the latest technical papers and presentations, drawing a technical audience looking to advance their skills. We have expo floor space and sponsorships available.


Focused symposia/workshops

Smaller, regional events catering to specific topics. They change each year, but provide an opporunity to reach a specific audience.