Our most recent graduates!! Good luck to you all and don't forget your roots  


Our latest networking event in April was a huge success!
Keep an eye out for it coming up again next year.
This event was our roundtable event. It was held in our Hartley room on campus and was a huge success. Industrial professionals from all over Florida came to the event and each had a table to themselves. We had representatives from Carnival Cruise Line, Harris, and many more! The students were allowed to go to any table they wanted but after fifteen minutes the timer rang and every student moved to a new table. This allowed our students a great chance to network as well as to ask professionals any questions they had. We are certainly trying to do this event again and make it just as successful! 

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Natalie and animals: 
Natalie and the goat Tess
Natalie and Emma the goodest girl in the world 
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