The Latest Activities in Our Community

·         Competition: Re-Opening of the RC Ship Models Regatta by Junior Students of Introduction to Naval Architecture at ESPOL Lake. Coming Soon sponsored by ESSS.


·         Lab Presentations: Students of Hydrodynamics with PhD. Rubén Paredes, made presentations of different model hulls with Hydrofoils in Hydraulic Tank.


·         Technical Courses: Course of DRAFT SURVEY given by our Sponsor VMV INNOVACIÓN & INGENIERÍA directed to professionals and senior students, providing us FOUR Half-Scholarships from ESPOL SNAME Student Section (ESSS).


·         Technical visit to: SHIPYARD POLARIS - PASSENGER SHIP INFINITY SHIPBUILDING, by PhD. José R. Marin and Students of Ship Structures II.


·         Fundraising: SNAME Football Five Championship 2017 held in conjunction with AEFIMCBOR.


·         Conference: Digital Revolution and the Ships / Intelligent Platforms by Engineer Thalia Kruger.


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