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The Dr. Kenneth S. M. Davidson Medal


Outstanding Scientific Accomplishment in Ship Research

Jeffrey M. Falzarano_new          Jeffrey M. Falzarano  |  Texas A&M University, College Station


Jeffrey M. Falzarano is Professor of Ocean Engineering, at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas. He has over 30 years experience as a university naval architecture and ocean engineering faculty member. His career has involved both teaching ship/offshore platform dynamics and naval architecture and researching ship/platform dynamics. He has published numerous papers in journals or refereed conference proceedings. He has served on various advisory committees including a National Academy Committee to review and revise U.S. Coast Guard Stability Criteria following the loss of the El Faro. He has also acted as a hydrodynamics expert on several USCG-NTSB marine accident investigations. His research has focused on a fundamental approach to ship dynamic stability such as now being promoted by the IMO’s second generation ship stability criteria.
Prior to his academic career, Dr. Falzarano worked for the U.S. Coast Guard design branch. Since then, he has also worked/visited/interned at various U.S. government agencies and labs and international research and academic institutions. 

Dr. Falzarano received a PhD in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering; MSE degrees in Aerospace Engineering; Applied Mechanics, and Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from University of Michigan. He earned his BS in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering from Webb Institute.


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About The Dr. Kenneth S. M. Davidson Medal

The Dr. Kenneth S. M. Davidson Medal is for "Outstanding Scientific Accomplishment in Ship Research".

It was established by the Executive Committee in 1959 in honor of Dr. Kenneth S. M. Davidson. 

Mechanical Engineering Professor Dr. Kenneth S. M. Davidson, is recognized as a pioneering researcher on craft dynamics. His belief that "bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to research" directed his work. The creation of the Davidson Towing Tank at the Stevens Institute of Technology is his legacy for future generations of naval architects and marine engineers.

The award title is "The Dr. Kenneth S. M. Davidson Medal". The medal will be made of gold-plated bronze, approximately 2 1/2 inches (6.25 cm) in diameter, the obverse side showing a profile of Dr. Davidson and the reverse side carrying an inscription of the award. Eligibility for the medal need not be limited to membership in SNAME. The proposal for this award may be made by a member of SNAME in good standing.

The selection of the nominee for the medal shall be made by the Awards Committee of SNAME. The nomination by the Committee and the final award by the Council will require a two-thirds vote of the Committee. Notification of the award will be made prior to the SNAME Maritime Convention (formerly the Annual Meeting) and the medal will be presented with suitable ceremonies at the SNAME Maritime Convention or at such time as the SNAME President may arrange. The medal may be awarded biennially in even years but not more often.