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M-16 Propulsion Shafting

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Panel M-16 (Propulsion Shafting) was organized in 1960 with the objective to serve the marine industry by investigating methods for reducing manufacturing, operating and maintenance costs of shipboard shaft systems.
In the late sixties, a rash of propeller blade failures occurred which lead to a review of propeller and shafting design and manufacturing procedures.
In 1972 it was decided by the Panel M-16 members, with the Ships Machinery Committee’s approval, to hold a Propeller Symposium to provide an opportunity for open discussion of propeller problems and possible solutions.  The Propeller Symposia was expanded to include the engineering aspects of all components of the propeller / shaft system; the propeller, the shaft, waterborne and line shaft bearings and shaft seals, along with the alignment of the shafting system.  The symposia are held every three years.  A total of 24 countries have participated in the past 15 symposiums, presenting a total of 273 papers.

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