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O-51 Ferry and Marine Highway

Ferry vessels and MARAD’s designated Marine Highway system provide vital local and regional transportation links. The O-51 Panel seeks to make marine technology connections to meet the complex needs of vessel operators in the inland and near coastal ferry vessel and marine highway domain.
Key areas of interest include:
· Increasing operational efficiency and reducing regulatory controlled emission though electric, hybrid and low emission propulsion systems
· Increasing utilization of inland waterways through innovation in intermodal cargo operations and technology
· Investigating potential for new transport and logistics services utilizing inland waterway networks
· Protection of passenger health and safety through technology in coordination with operational and regulatory best practices
· Protecting the maritime environment through reduction of transportation generated emissions and vessel impact on the waterway environment.
The O-51 Panel encompasses elements of many other T&R panels and provides a collaborative forum for application of naval architecture toward enhancing the ferry vessel and Marine Highway sector.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact the Committee Chair

Committee Members