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HS-01 Hull Loadings

There has been relatively modest activity over the last year or so mainly because the Chair took up a new faculty position at USNA.
The focus until then was getting a report developed some years ago published. The report was a joint effort of the Panel and the US Navy. Getting the approval of the appropriate bodies in the NSWCD has proved to be extremely difficult and in the end the effort was abandoned. The original report is titled: The State of the Art in Hydrodynamic Load Predictions and Recommendations for Further Research
The Panel has developed a plan to rewrite the report and add an entirely new section to the point that the report will be an entirely SNAME effort. The new section concerns wind loads on ships. The material to be rewritten will be updated to reflect developments in the field that have occurred over the last several years since the original report was first drafted. The panel is in the process mobilizing to work on the report.

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