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SC-02 Sailing Craft

The Sailing Craft SC-2 Panel (hereafter SC-2) is a subcommittee of Small Craft Committee, which is one of the ten Technical and Research (T&R) Steering Committee. The T&R Steering Committee is responsible for the detailed planning and execution of a SNAME-sponsored Technical and Research program. It forms technical committees and panels to carry out the Technical and Research program. It establishes research priorities, project anticipated needs in future technology, and develop research programs designed to meet future needs. It also monitors fund raising in support of all technical and research activities and the fiscal and contractual administration of such funds. It may authorize any of the technical committees mentioned above to be a joint committee with other professional societies as appropriate to further SNAME’s mission and objectives. It reports to the Council annually.
The Small Craft Committee is made of seven subcommittees: Planning Crafts (SC-1), Sailing Crafts (SC-2), Fishing Systems (SC-3), Motor Yachts and Service Crafts (SC-4), Small Passengers Vessels (SC-5), Productivity in Small and Medium Shipyards (SC-6), and Military Small Crafts (SC-7).
SC-2 is responsible for coordinating activities that align with the SNAME mission of advancing the art, science and practice of naval architecture, marine engineering, ocean engineering and other marine-related professions, where these activities are specifically relevant to sailing crafts.
SC-2 aims to foster and enable:
· global exchange of knowledge and ideas relative to the sailing craft industry,
· education in engineering as it relates to the sailing craft industry,
· research and development in naval architecture, marine engineering, ocean engineering and other marine fields specifically relevant to sailing crafts.
SC-2 is currently chaired by Karsten Hochkirch.
SC-2 is open to both SNAME member and non-members. Perspective members may submit an expression of interest to the Chair. The Chair either accepts the applicant as a new member, or establishes a panel made of at least 4 other SC-2 members that decide (by majority) whether to accept or reject the applicant’s request. The SC-2 Panel aims to be as inclusive as possible and thus it is envisaged that membership is negated only in exceptional circumstances.
Format and Frequency of Meetings
SC-2 meets two to three times a year via videoconference. Within these meetings, progress of current activities coordinated by SC-2 are reviewed, and new activities are established.
Collaborative Activities
To fulfil the Mission, SC-2 promotes and coordinates activities between the members as well as with other stakeholders. These activities include, but are not limited, to collaborative research projects (e.g.
based on sharing data, knowledge, skills and access to tools and facilities, etc.), knowledge exchange projects (e.g. co-authored papers, outreach events, etc.), and training activities (e.g. delivery of professional development courses, production of training material, etc.).
SC-2 does not have funds to support activities. However, funds can be requested to the T&R Steering Committee via the SC-2 Panel Chair. Typical funding applications are between 1k USD and 5k USD for projects spanning over a year.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact the Committee Chair

Committee Members