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H-07 Seakeeping Characteristics

“The SNAME T&R Seakeeping Characteristics panel’s main objective is to provide updated technical information to the industry, regulatory agencies and academia in the area of Seakeeping.
This includes latest research on unsteady hydrodynamics that is considered important to be disseminated through SNAME.
The current goals of the panel are as follows:
1) Attract new SNAME members that are enthusiastic to join and contribute to the growth of a vibrant panel.
2) Create new T&R bulletins that can provide a consolidated validation framework for unsteady numerical simulations to the industry and research community/academia.
3) Review the available Seakeeping textbooks/references and propose/develop new material to support teaching of Ship Dynamics courses in undergraduate programs.
4) Create synergies with other panels to integrate the analyses/know-how from work carried-out to support the characterization of nonlinear response/failure modes included in the upcoming IMO Second Generation Intact Stability Criteria.
5) Update PNA’s section on ship motions to include the latest developments in numerical simulation of wave induced responses in stochastics seas, including the prediction of extreme response statistics in nonlinear systems."

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact the Committee Chair

Committee Members