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OC-10 Ocean Renewable Energy

The OC-10 panel on Ocean Renewable Energy has established the following three subcommittees:  Wind Turbine Installation (WTI) Jack-Ups; Marine Hydrokinetics; and Floating Wind Energy Installations.  Interest in WTI jack-ups has led to development of a 12-member joint-industry program (JIP) to write a SNAME Bulletin on WTI jack-up guidelines.  The marine hydrokinetics (MHK) subcommittee is progressing a SNAME bulletin to guide the technology development process of MHK and provide references in the SNAME website.
The Floating Wind Energy Installations subcommittee is establishing its role in stability guidelines.  Other activities include renewables panel sessions at the OTC Conference and the SMC.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact the Committee Chair

Committee Members