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H-10 Ship Controllability

The mission of the H-10 controllability panel is to be the first resource for SNAME members regarding maneuvering and controllability. To serve all faces of SNAME, the objectives of the committee are to:
·enable the global exchange of knowledge and ideas relative to controllability.
·provide practical engineering education as it relates to controllability.
·encourage and sponsor new research and development.
In order to achieve these objectives, the vision for the committee includes:
·organizing dedicated paper tracks at SNAME symposia and conferences.
·planning dedicated webinars and panels specifically for maneuvering and controllability.
·developing an effective education program to meet the needs of undergraduate, graduate, and professional members throughout their careers. This includes cooperation with the PNA committee, and organizing short courses and continuing education.
·creating an informative student strategy to keep interest in this topic and the maritime industry.
·developing an outreach strategy for corporate, institutional, and individual support.
Some of the topics that interest the committee include:
·restricted maneuvering in ports, waterways, and high-traffic areas.
·powering requirements for controllability in severe weather.
·computational tools and theory for analyzing controllability in waves.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact the Committee Chair

Committee Members