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MF-08 Investigations Guidelines

The Guidelines and Education panel was formed to support creation of the "T&R Bulletin 8-1, Guidelines for Marine Forensic Investigations".   The panel also supports educational outreach.    This has included Science Fair Judging, High School class projects and by disseminating hydromechanics data sets on historic ships to various professors for use in their teaching.   To date these have included Webb Institute, US Coast Guard academy, Kings point and many others.
The data sets available include Hydrostatics and seakeeping analyses for:
- RMS Olympic (Titanic, Britannic)
- DKM Bismarck
- HMS Audacious
- FS Bouvet
- USS San Diego (ACR class sunk in WWI
- McKays Staghound
- many others

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact the Committee Chair

Committee Members