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HS-03 Stress Analysis and Strength of Elements

SNAME HS3 panel focuses on ship/offshore structure strength and stress. The panel currently has 8 members including SNAME structure experts from various background such as design companies, university, and independent consultancy. They come from different countries/regions, and form an international team of experts.
HS3 panel was revived in 2015 by SNAME Hull Structure Committee Chair Roger Basu. The panel started looking for an appropriate topic for the panel to work on in 2015. In 2016, current panel chair Alex Yang made a proposal to do Guidance for Structural Finite Element Analysis of Ship and Offshore Structures. Due to the financial difficulty, SNAME agreed to sponsor the proposal but without financial backing of the project. More panel members were recruited by Roger and Alex during the course. All panel members volunteered their time in the project.
The panel has been actively working on the project since the middle of 2016. Panel members support includes activities such as building FE models to provide supports to the report, writing report, and review discussions. The report of guidelines is currently half way through. The panel is holding monthly meetings since 2016 to discuss project progress and other panel topics. The panel employs Skype as communication tool, and dropbox as information sharing point. These tools greatly enhance the efficiency in communications.
HS3 panel is going to present a paper titled “FEA Modeling Guidelines: Some Critical Problems in Analyzing Offshore Structures“ in the upcoming Annual Meeting 2019. This paper highlights some findings from the project. The panel plans to finish the project and publish the guideline in 2020.

If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact the Committee Chair

Committee Members