Student Teams

Many of the Students involved with SNAME are also involved with marine based student teams. These teams consist of dedicated students who spend much of their free time honing their engineering skills on these design challenges.

SUBC: UBC's Human Powered Submarine Team

SUBC has been designing, building and racing human powered submarines since its beginnings in 1991. The team has raced successfully in the past winning the 2000 and 2002 Human Powered Submarine competitions. Consisting of approximately 10-15 members from various engineering specializations, the team must innovate in order solve problems in a demanding underwater environment. Last year, the team worked in the construction of a new submarine hull, gearbox, control system, and dead man’s switch. This upcoming year, we are planning on completing the gearbox, control system, electronic control system and making progress in the other numerous subsystems. We are planning to compete at the European International Subrace (EISR) in Gasport, England 2016 summer (Specific dates haven’t been released)

This year, the team's goal is to complete a fully functioning human powered submarine and to compete in the EISR. They will be completing the internal systems such as the drive train, control system, and gear box by the end of 2015. Then SUBC will move on to installing the internal systems and pool testing for problem shooting and refinements before the competition in July, 2016. They are also planning on collaborating with the Human Powered Vehicle Team for producing composite structures and with the UBC Aqua Society for driving expertise.



UBC Sailbots: Autonomous Sailbot Racing



The Remote Yacht Team / UBC SailBot Team represents UBC at international competitions in both Canada and the USA. This year, similar to last, the UBC Remote Yacht Team is committed to fostering students’ professional development and interests in marine engineering, robotic design and naval architecture.

The UBC Remote Yacht Team was formed in 2002 as a design project but did not have sufficient interest from other schools to compete until 2006. During the 2006 competition in Kingston, Ontario, UBC placed first ahead of three other schools. Since then the UBC team has competed in four other events including 2011 in Annapolis and 2012 in Vancouver.

In 2011 in Annapolis, the team placed Second scoring 40.1 points of the 50 available and won four of the five events. To get to the completion it took great dedication and time management as the boat and the logic were both designed and constructed in a 148 day period. 


In June 2012, UBC in conjunction with Royal Vancouver Yacht Club hosted the 6thInternational Robotic Sailboat Championships. Without a doubt, this was a major milestone marking the first time either Western Canada or UBC have hosted the Robotic Championships. UBC SailBot places first in this competition with a record-setting 47 out of 50 points, pushing the competition to a whole new level.