Meet the board of the TU Delft SNAME student section


Paula van Lieshout

Paula is a PhD student studying multi-axial fatigue in welded structural details in ship and offshore structures (more information about her project can be found here). Prior to beginning this research, she obtained her MSc in Offshore and Dredging Engineering from the TU Delft. Outside of the world of ships and structures, Paula enjoys music, traveling and spending quality time with friends and family.

Secretary/Liaison to SSEC

Hanna Pot 

Hanna is a master’s student of Marine Technology specializing in Ship Hydromechanics. Because she loves getting in contact with international Marine Technology students, SNAME is the perfect fit for her.  Hanna is also passionate about passing this opportunity on to more (Dutch) students.  When she is not studying, Hanna enjoys sailing, traveling, and playing volleyball.


Elouise Reiff 


Elouise is currently a master's student of Maritime Technology specializing in Ship Production.  Elousie's main motivation for joining SNAME was to gain the opportunity to get into contact with fellow international marine technology students and professionals. Additionally she is excited to organize activities for students to meet, share, and broaden their knowledge and network.


Chris Rose


Chris is currently pursuing a PhD in the development of an automatic production planning tool for the section building and outfitting process of shipyards constructing complex vessels (such as offshore vessels, cruise ships and dredgers). Chris has been an active SNAME member since he began studying Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at Webb Institute in 2007 and is excited to be able to continue working with the society while living abroad.