SNAME Legacy

For over a century SNAME members have been world leaders in the marine arts and sciences.  But SNAME's rich history is not measured in years. It is measured in accomplishments. 

SNAME Annual Banquet
November 9, 1923
Waldorf Astoria Hotel
New York City

SNAME members have designed and overseen the building of thousands upon thousands of boats, ships, submarines, offshore platforms -- marine craft and structures of all sizes and descriptions.  SNAME members have published millions of pages of original research defining the state of the art and best practices in marine architecture and engineering.  SNAME members have done all this while enjoying the collegiality of the Society. 

The SNAME History Committee was authorized by the Executive Committee in 2003 to provide assistance and guidance for HQ staff and for other SNAME entities on historical matters. It manages responses to historical inquiries, cares for the Society's historical artifacts, and produces information and obituaries.


Please contact Jodi Lane or by phone at +1-703-997-6704 for more information about SNAME's rich history and services available to marine historical societies, outreach programs, and museums.