Governance & Bylaws


The Society is led by the Executive Comittee and Council.  Policy is established by the Council at its Annual Meeting in the fall.  The Executive Committee acts for the Council at other times during the year.  The President is the chief executive of both bodies.  The day-to-day business of the Society is conducted by the Executive Director and administrative staff.

Society President

Peter G. Noble
SNAME Member

The President is elected by the Society at the Annual Meeting from the nominees proposed in accordance with the by-laws.  The President serves a two year term and is not eligible for re-election to succeed himself.  The elected President serves a 1-year term as President-elect before taking office and as such serves as member of both the Executive Committee and Council.

Executive Director

Erik W. Seither
SNAME Member

The Executive Director
is the administrative officer of the Society functioning under the immediate direction of the President and Executive Committee.  The Executive Director has charge and direction of the Society's office and it's employees and  conducts the business of the Society, maintain its records, sign checks, draft, and contracts in accordance with procedures established by the Executive Committee.  The Executive Director performs all duties of Corporate Secretary and reports to both the Council and Executive Committee.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee supervises and directs the day-to-day affairs of the Society, in accordance with the strategic direction and policies defined by the Council.

Serving on the Executive Committee are:

Two most immediate Past Presidents
Five Regional Vice Presidents
Six Functional Vice Presidents
Executive Director*
Chairman of the Student Steering Committee
Chairman of the Young Professionals Committee
All other Past Presidents*

(*non-voting members)


The affairs of the Society shall be governed by a Council chosen from its membership, and the Council shall have full control of the activities of the Society, subject to the limitations of the Society Bylaws

Serving on the Council are:

Society Past Presidents*
Regional Vice Presidents
Honorary Vice Presidents*
Section Chairmen
Chairmen of Standing Committees
Executive Director
SNAME OTC Representative
Chairman of the Student Steering Committee
Chairman of the Young Professional Committee
Chairman of the Offshore Activities Steering Committee
(*may elect to remain members of Council for life)


The first SNAME bylaws were drafted by Washington L. Capps in 1893 and ratified at the first meeting of the Society. Since that time the by-laws have undergone numerous revisions.  The current bylaws were approved November 10, 1977 with amendments through 2011. 

Bylaws (.pdf)  

Current and Former SNAME Presidents