SNAME offers competitive scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students of naval architecture and marine engineering.  Students with exceptional academic credentials are encouraged to apply.

         Dr. Christopher B. McKesson-  2010 General Graduate Scholarship Recipient 

Chris McKesson's story is unusual:  Thirty years after completing his undergraduate degree in NA&ME at the University of Michigan, he discovered the joy of introducing a new generation to the field of ship design, and began a second career as a college instructor.  That demanded that he return to graduate school, entering the MS program at the University of New Orleans in 2009 at the age of 52.

"The decision to enter grad school was a tough one.  Many of the tools in my tool box (calculus in particular) were pretty rusty, and it was with fear and trepidation that I took a seat alongside 20-year old classmates.  But I kept a steady hand on the helm and after a few stormy passages I made it to port with a 2010 Master's degree and a 2013 Ph.D.

"I was inspired and encouraged by a very supportive environment, both professors and classmates, but also of course the very tangible support of SNAME in the form of scholarship funds.  In granting me that financial help SNAME was stating the value they place upon education, and their encouragement of this sort of second career, a second career focused on passing the torch to a new generation.  It all seems to have worked, as I have since then been appointed as tenure-track faculty in naval architecture at the University of British Columbia, and my peers paid me the great honour of electing me "Fellow" in 2015.

"I have been a member of SNAME since 1977, and I have benefit in many ways from that membership.  Certainly the many Annual Meetings, technical publications, seminars and symposia, etc. all served to keep me enthusiastic and happy in my chosen career.  Since starting this second phase of life I have had the pleasure of bringing many students to the Annual Meetings, and I love seeing their eyes light up and their enthusiasm wax when the see the breadth, diversity, and technical depth of our industry.  Thank you to SNAME for their continued help, including the investment in the next generation which was represented by the scholarship I received."

Chris, and Debbie, his wife of 37 years, live in Vancouver BC.

Graduate Scholarship Program

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers's Graduate Scholarships Program bestows multiple scholarships in honor of living and deceased SNAME Members. Applicants use a single application to apply for all scholarships within the program.  The Wehausen Graduate Scholarship utilizes a seperate application (see below).  

Since its inception in 1933, the SNAME Graduate Scholarship Program has awarded millions of dollars of scholarship awards to students in the naval architecture, marine engineering, ocean engineering and marine industry related fields. North American applicants must study in approved institutions in the U.S., Canada, or abroad, while non-U.S./Canadian graduate applicants must study in approved U.S. or Canadian schools. Applicants must not receive their Masters Degree prior to October 1 of the year in which they are applying for their scholarship. Generally, applicants are not expected to receive their Master's Degree prior to April 15 of the academic year in which graduate study is undertaken.

Multiple awards of up to $20,000 are made annually, seven of which are designated as follows: 

1) The Wilbur N. Landers Scholarship (contribute)

2) The William M. Kennedy Scholarship (contribute)

3) The Tommy L. Richards Scholarship (contribute)

4) The Alan C. McClure Scholarship (contribute)

5) The Frederick H. Todd Scholarship (contribute)

6) The David A. O'Neil Scholarship (contribute)

7) The Arthur J. Haskell Scholarship (contribute)

8) The Walter M. and Doris H. Maclean Scholarship (contribute)

9) The Chester L. Long Scholarship (contribute)

To apply for a SNAME Graduate Scholarship complete the Scholarship Application and submit to Sofia Iliogrammenou at


Mandell and Lester Rosenblatt Undergraduate Scholarship

Mandell and Lester Rosenblatt founded M. Rosenblatt & Son, Inc. in 1947. Through the unending drive of its founders, the company grew to be one of the world's largest private naval architecture and marine engineering firms. The founders led the company in the design and development of all types of naval and commercial ships. The Rosenblatt's expertise extended from aircraft carriers and submarines to tankers, tugs and high performance craft. Many of the world's most innovative designs can be attributed to the company. SNAME remembers and celebrates the combined legacy of Mandell and Lester Rosenblatt through the scholarship dedicated in their names.

First awarded in 2007, the Mandell and Lester Rosenblatt Scholarship provides a maximum of $6,000 to an undergraduate scholar having a passion for naval architecture, marine or ocean engineering, and displaying evidence of professionalism and involvement in SNAME.


Robert N. Herbert Undergraduate Scholarship

In 1963, Robert N, Herbert, Naval Architects opened for business. Bob Herbert started this venture with a clear vision of the type of work he wanted to do, and most importantly, how he wanted to do business. His keen sense for innovation, and his honest, straightforward manner helped build long term relationships with his clients. Herbert was also an innovative employer who realized the importance of providing employees with a stake in the company. The company was incorporated as Herbert Engineering Corp. in 1975, with all shares owned by employees who actively participate in the company's management. SNAME remembers and celebrates the legacy of Mr. Herbert through the scholarship dedicated in his name.

First awarded in 2008, the Robert N. Herbert Undergraduate Scholarship provides a maximum award of $6,000 to an undergraduate scholar having a passion for naval architecture, marine or ocean engineering, and displaying evidence of professionalism and involvement in SNAME.



Interested in supporting Scholarships?  You can contribute to the SNAME General Scholarship Fund or give to specific scholarships.  See the scholarship giving page for more information. Click here for more information about 2016-2017 SNAME Scholarships.  

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Walter Maclean, Scholarship Committee Chair

The Scholarship Committee is chaired by Walter Maclean. The committee meets twice a year to review applications and award scholarships.


 Apply for a Graduate Scholarship

To apply for a SNAME Graduate Scholarship complete the Scholarship Application and submit to Sofia Iliogrammenou

John V. Wehausen Scholarship for Advanced Study in Ship Hydrodynamics and Wave Theory

John Vroman Wehausen, professor of engineering science, emeritus, at the University of California, Berkeley, and a world leader in the field of marine hydrodymanics. Besides being a popular and dedicated teacher, at the University of California, Berkeley, Wehausen contributed to original scientific research in the areas of ship waves, ship maneuverability, floating systems in waves, and ship-generated solitary waves. He was an advocate of systematic theoretical analysis based on rational mechanics principles.

The Wehausen Scholarship is open to U.S. and international applicants who are members of SNAME, or another recognized marine society. Awards are made for one year of study leading to a Master's Degree in naval architecture/marine engineering/ocean engineering. Applicants must not receive their Master Degree prior to April 15th of the academic year for which the scholarship applies.

Scholarships of up to $20,000 for one year of full-time study for the named scholarship may be awarded.

To apply for a John V. Wehausen, or any of our Graduate Scholarships, complete the Scholarship Application and submit to Sofia Iliogrammenou at




Apply for an Undergraduate Scholarship

The Rosenblatt and Herbert Scholarships share a single application. Applicants will be considered for both scholarships. The deadline for application submission is June 1 with all supporting documents due by June 15.

To apply, complete the application and return with supporting documents to Sofia Iliogrammenou at