'11-'12 Capstone/Research

MMA Projects:
Students at MMA complete a Capstone Project during their senior or fifth year. Here are a few of the recent capstone's and research projects.

Thermo Electric Project:
Students use thermoelectric devices to capture exhaust heat from large marine diesel engines.
Media: Thermo Electric Hybrid Vessel

Deep C Wind:
Students design and test turbine models to collect open source data which can be used to construct full scale models. 

Tidal Energy Device Evaluating Center (TEDEC):
Students test and evaluate turbine designs for use in the Bagaduce River.

Oscillating Water Column (OWC):
Students work with Concept NREC to evaluate the amount of energy capable of being extracted from wave enery with funding provided through a grant underwritten by the DOE.

Improving Maine Lobster Boat Efficiency
Students test and evaluate hull forms to compare with existing lobster boat hull data to improve efficiency.