Our eBoard

Leadership for 2020-2021

President: Ben Komita

Hello! I’m Ben Komita and I am the President of the Society of Ocean Engineers at Florida Tech. I am from Pennsylvania but grew up going to Hatteras, North Carolina every summer where I fell in love with the beach. I am excited to be pursuing an undergraduate degree in Ocean Engineering and after that working on a Masters degree in Coastal Engineering. As President, I organize club meetings, talk with industry professionals, plan events, and do everything else that this club needs. I am honored to have such a great exec board working with me and could not do this without them. SOE has provided me the opportunity to work with fellow students to collaborate on ideas, meet industry professionals, and continue my learning outside the classroom. Apart from SOE, I am on the Men’s Rowing Team, as well as a member of the Fishing Club and It’s On Us.

Vice President: Caroline Macleod
I am a junior studying Ocean Engineering here at Florida Tech. I am currently interested in studying the Coastal/Offshore Engineering aspect of Ocean Engineering with my degree. I have been a part of the Society of Ocean Engineers for two years now, serving as the Public Relations Chair for the 2019-20 school year. SOE has opened up so many opportunities to network and meet other aspiring Ocean Engineers. I am excited to use my experience on the executive board to create amazing opportunities for our members and grow the club platform. As Vice President, I help organize the events, fundraisers, conferences, and all other amazing activities SOE has to offer. Joining SOE is a great way to meet new students and professionals while exploring the different disciplines of Ocean Engineering. In addition to SOE, I am a member of the Women’s Lacrosse Team at Florida tech. I enjoy any outdoor activity, especially surfing.

Secretary: Gabija Karosas
Hi! I’m Gabija Karosas, the Secretary of SOE here at Florida Tech. I am a junior working towards a BS in Ocean Engineering with a minor in Sustainability. I will also be moving on to receive an MS focusing on Naval Architecture. My goal is to work for the Navy when I am finished with school. I chose my major because I grew up in Connecticut on the coast and have had a love for everything ocean ever since I was little. I always wanted to be in the Coast Guard (Coast Guard Academy is in CT!) but that wasn’t possible so instead I became interested in working for the Navy. As the Secretary of SOE, I take meeting minutes, create events, and reserve rooms for everything we do. I also send all of those emails reminding everyone of meetings and events that are taking place. Besides SOE, I am on the Women’s Swim Team and a part of the Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society, the Student Organization for Sustainability Action, and the freediving club. Being a part of any activities on campus is a great way to meet people, get involved, and just have fun!

Treasurer: Sean Marcus
Hello!  I’m Sean Marcus, the current Treasurer of the Society of Ocean Engineers, and an Ocean Engineering major minoring in Oceanography.  I chose this major because I’ve always loved (and still love) touring retired navy ships, especially retired submarines; the California coast (about 30 minutes from my hometown) has several maritime museums, my favorite being the one in San Diego which hosts the USS Dolphin.  In terms of my position in this club, it’s pretty self-explanatory: I keep track of the club’s budget and handle official purchases, expense reimbursement, and club funding.  I love SOE and organizations like SNAME and MTS because they’ve given me so much guidance in terms of career and internship opportunities, ways to connect with other ocean engineers, and an overall feeling of being more involved in this field.  If you have not, I highly encourage you to sign up for any and all of these groups, especially if you like being kept up-to-date about awesome career paths and events.

External Relations: Haley Murphy

Hi! I’m a sophomore/junior in Ocean Engineering with a minor in sustainability from Florida Tech. In addition to SOE, I am also the secretary for SNAME’s Student Steering Committee. I grew up in Kansas and became interested in the ocean during family trips. I love the outdoors and immersing myself in it. I’m still new to the industry and am not sure what field I want to work in, but I hope to use my engineering skills to better the state of the environment, specifically the ocean. I love the outdoors and doing yoga. The Society of Ocean Engineers provides good opportunities for young engineers and I’m happy to be a part of it! I am the external relations so I handle all the social media pages. 

Internal Relations: Alice Pennings
Hello! I’m Alice Pennings, the Internal Relations Representative for SOE at Florida Tech. I am pursuing a BS in Ocean Engineering with a focus in Naval Architecture and a minor in Sustainability. I am also a member of the Women’s Rowing team and the freediving club. I enjoy swimming, scuba diving, surfing, and most water activities! I grew up along the shores of Lake Michigan in Racine, Wisconsin where I enjoyed all the same activities in colder water. As the Internal Relations representative, I represent SOE at school events and student government meetings. This organization is a great way to build connections and network as a young professional, and I am very excited to help grow membership and promote success!