Mission Statement

The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers was organized in 1893, to advance the art, science, and practice of naval architecture, shipbuilding and marine engineering.  For over a century members have included commercial and governmental practitioners, students, and educators of naval architecture, shipbuilding, and marine and ocean engineering.  

SNAME encourages the exchange and recording of information, sponsors applied research, offers career guidance, supports education, and enhances the professional status and integrity of its membership.

  Design Competition First Prize Winner

Nina Lilley (Western Europe Section Chair), Jonathan Eastridge (Student Professional Chair, New Orleans University), John Banda (Texas Section Chair), Suzanne Bekstoffer (Chair, Applications Committee), Apostolos Papanikolao (Jr. Regional Vice-President, International) et. al.



 The Symposium attracted 62 attendees, with Students attending from the UK, The Netherlands and The Philippines.


Presentation of 1st Prize Winner of Paper Contest 2016

Nina Lilley (Chair, WES), Jacobo B. Arevalo Fuentes, Blanca Pena (YP Chair WES), Rafael d’ Amore Domenech and Keith Hutchinson (T&R/Paper Chair WES)












SNAME Members at the London Maritime Museum at Greenwich, London.


  1-4 November 2016, SNAME Maritime Convention 2016 at Seattle, Washington, USA

All the SNAME Section Chairs were formed in groups composing of section chairs and regional vice presidents to create a skit on membership. It was presented at the executive meeting and at the President’s Luncheon (Joe Comer).