November 2017 Luncheon

Real Time Visibility for Marine and Water Environments

Manos Papadakis

PhD, Professor, Department of Mathematics University of Houston

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 
11:30 AM  - 1:30 PM

Westchase Marriott Hotel
2900 Briarpark Dr.
Houston, TX 77042
Houston Westchase MarriottMap

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Real time visibility for marine and water environments is an algorithm aiming to restore the visibility of images and videos acquired under the surface of every water body. We improve images and videos acquired under difficult conditions such as the waters of Galveston anchorage where water turbidity causes  visibility problems Inhibiting the proper inspection of structures. We are currently testing more cases, but so far we had success in two fronts: Make damages to vessel submerged surfaces more easy to see, even when turbidity is high,and eliminate the glare from torches and flashlights due to the scattering of light in marine environments. Our visibility restoration algorithm works fast, but it will become almost real time, with 1-2 minute delay and available on site so the surveyor on site should be able to see the improved image sequence of the view acquired by a diver or a submerged drone. The requirement is to use a simple digital camera but the video should be saved in a non-compressed format in order to get the best results.


Speaker Biography:

Manos Papadakis

Manos Papadakis is a professor of mathematics at the University of Houston's Main campus and a native of Greece. His specialty is Fourier Analysis, multi-scale transforms and their applications to neuroscience imaging and more recently the elimination of uneven illumination and  light scattering effects in natural images. He is also the managing member of Lolaark LLC, which is a partnership with the University of Houston and aims in commercializing the real-time visibility restoration technology for underwater video.

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