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Mission Statement

To provide an annual steel boat design competition for high school students to increase awareness of naval architecture and shipbuilding while utilizing science, technology, engineering, mathematics, leadership, and group dynamics.


 We are currently in the 2017 competition year.

Key Dates:

Registration Opens: September 1, 2016

Registration Closes: October 31, 2016

Final Design Packages Due: December 21, 2016

Luncheon (@ The Apprentice School): March 24, 2017

Race Day (@ The Mariners' Museum Lions Bridge): May 6, 2017

9:30 am - Event Opens

10:00 am - Boat Christening (North Shore of Bridge)

10:30 am - High Speed Race

10:45 am - Landing Craft Race

11:45 am - 10th Anniversary Championship Race [with boats from previous competitions]

12:45 pm - Awards

1:00 pm - End of Event

2017 Competition Flyer


2017 Luncheon Program


2016 Race Day Program

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2017 Competition Guidelines

The Guidelines are the comprehensive document that details all aspects of the competition and includes the design scenario for the current year.


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2017 Competition Finalists & Superlatives


Barracuda - Advanced Technology Center

Sean Alvarez, Alex Sasse, Ryan Harvey, Nicholas Filion


Pay Day - Poquoson High School

Jacob Harberts, Brian Clevinger, Nichole Trombetta


Operation Overboard - Jamestown High School

Ashby Walls, Ethan Seff, Archer Edwards


Nauti Buoys - West Springfield High School

Cole Bird, Calvin Pastel, Matthew King, Ronnie Zich

 Most "Mast"erful Pun (Scenario Related)   Best Calculations 
 Sea-Day Invaders - King's Fork High School    McA D-Day - Poquoson High School
 Best Luncheon Drawing   Best Logo 
Semper Fi-ne -  Poquoson High School   I'm Knot Too Shore Aboat This - Advanced Technology Center 

2016 Competition Champion

Monstro - Poquoson High School

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Incorporating the Competition into the Curriculum/Classroom

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