For Authors

The Journal of Sailing Technology (ISSN 2475-370X) is an online peer reviewed publication of the SNAME SC-2 Sailing Craft Panel. The objective of the Journal is to encourage the exchange of research, for the benefit of the various communities within the sailboat technology professions. The copyright policy for this publication is as follows:

1. Authors must assign copyright to SNAME by submitting the Copyright Transfer Agreement.

2. It is assumed that, when an author submits an article to the Journal of Sailing Technology, he or she is the legal copyright holder and no other claim to the copyright exists.

3. It is the policy of this Journal of Sailing Technology to not accept articles which have been published elsewhere after expert review. Editorial review for grammar, spelling and format is not considered expert review. An article which has been previously published will be considered for publication if the submitted manuscript is significantly different from its previously published version. As a general guideline, at least 1/3 of the article should be new or revised material to be considered a different article.

If an article has been previously published, the authors must inform the Editor of 1) the prior review process and 2) how the article being submitted differs from the previously published version. A decision to not accept an article based on these guidelines will be made by the Editor in consultation with the Associate Editors.

A. Submission

Authors should submit to the Editor:
1. A letter (Ascii, Microsoft™ Word or PDF file) including:
  • Author’s name. In the case of multiple authors please indicate the author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
  • Affiliation
  • Telephone/fax numbers
  • Email address
  • Title of the Article
2. The draft of the Article in Microsoft Word™ and formated in accordance with the Journal's template.

3. Articles must include a Title and a short (less than 250 words) Abstract. Only Articles that have been carefully proofread will be accepted for review. Articles that are clearly unacceptable will be returned to the Author without being reviewed.

4. There is no limitation in the maximum number of pages.

5. Articles must be written in English.

6. Articles must be original, must not have been published previously or be pending publication in another journal, and cannot be under review by any other forum.

B. Review

1. Articles will be reviewed by at least 2 reviewers.

2. Articles will be reviewed in approximately 2 months. Papers under 3,000 words will be reviewed within 4 weeks.

3. Reviews are blind.

4. Reviewers will make recommendations to accept, accept with revisions, or reject an Article. 

5. Upon receiving a revised Article, the Editor may ask the reviewers to re-review the revised Article.

C. Submission for Publication

1. The Author of an Article accepted for publication will receive by email an Article Acceptance Notice and instructions for final submittal.

2. Authors are responsible for producing their final Articles for publication.

3. Authors must submit their Articles in Microsoft Word™ and formated in accordance with the template.

4. Submit a keyword list.

If you are interested in submitting an article for the Journal of Sailboat Technology, please submit letter and draft to the Editor.