SNAME is pleased to announce it's membership magazine (mt) has been awarded three prestigious awards for editorial and design excellence. 

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The below list of 2015 ABS MODU Rule changes could affect the Marine Piping Systems design for MODUs,

 Part/Para. No.  Title/Subject  Status/Remarks
 4-2-5/3.9  Valves on Oil Tanks  To align the requirements for valves of the emergency generator fuel tank and the emergency fire pump fuel tank with 4-6-4/13.5.3 of the Steel Vessel Rules.
 4-2-5/7.10 (New)  Isolating Valves in Fuel Supply and Spill Piping  To require the fuel supply and return piping is to be individually protected where multiple engines are installed in Category A machinery spaces, in line with requirement of Steel Vessels Rules
 4-2-6/7.3  Spill Containment  To specify that each skid should be provided with a coaming when the pump skid is separate from the dispenser/coalescer skid.
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Many of you growing up dreamed of having your own business.  If you dreamed of having a maritime related business, SNAME is the place for you!  Even if you are in a corporate leadership role or a job that supports the various maritime businesses, SNAME has something to offer you.

SNAME offers the greatest library of content that addresses most disciplines and interests in the maritime world.  I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to design propellers after college, and SNAME publications was the only place that offered information on how to draw a propeller.

I went to Section meetings early in my career and met many people that helped me solve my day-to-day problems at work.  Your access as a member to the experts in the maritime industry at SNAME is renown!

I spent over thirty years in shipbuilding and the ideas that were shared by SNAME members at Section and Annual meetings were immensely helpful to me as I gained experience.

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The US Maritime Administration has released a solicitation for a training ship design at the following link:

US Maritime Administration Training Vessel Design Solicitation

If we can help make announcements like this available to our members anywhere in the world we are happy to find a way to do this.  In this particular case it is an American opportunity, but we are not limited in this respect.  If you come across opportunities you'd like to share please let us know.
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It is with great honor and excitement that I follow Peter Noble as SNAME president in 2015 and continue the “big tent” initiative started over the last couple of years. We are known as SNAME—The International Community for Maritime and Ocean Professionals. The big tent is broadening our international focus to include all maritime and ocean professionals.


This is happening across industries: commercial, government, military, offshore, and recreational. It’s happening across areas: education, research, engineering, production, operations, management, and administration. And it’s happening across sectors: academia, design/acquisition, build/manufacture, and operate/maintain.


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As we enter the holidays and close our first year in our new location the staff and I wish to thank you for a great year. We have been working to enhance our service so that we cover more of the waterfront than ever. We have been historically strong in the naval architecture and academic communities. We want to add to this to provide services to anyone who contributes to the life cycle of vessels. Whether you are in the commercial, a Navy or government, the offshore, or recreational world SNAME has something to offer you.

Are you in education, research, engineering or production, operations, or perhaps management and administration? Do you operate or maintain vessels, build and manufacture (equipment or vessels), design or acquire them, or are you in related academia? Do you provide services to those who are? Are you a student just starting out, a young professional working in your most prolific technical years, or perhaps in the management of your firm.

This coming year we will be focusing our efforts on delivering services, content, and professional development opportunities across the breadth of our industry.  You will see the following logos and links on much of our correspondence:

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No matter how, or if, you celebrate the upcoming holidays, Happy Holidays to you all and yours.
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If you are in the area please make a point of joining us in Alexandria at our offices to share some holiday spirit with your colleagues and professionals in the community.  As an added incentive there will be plenty of food made by foodies for foodies!  Doors open at 2pm and we'll be here until 8pm.  We hope to see you.
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SNAME’s European Student Sections – October 2014

By, Peter Noble

One of the SNAME activities that I have enjoyed most in recent years has been working with the students and young professionals.  As we all know, this kind of activity is a two-way street.  Hopefully, I have been able to impart some knowledge and guidance to those early in their professional life as I, too, have gained immensely from the energy levels and excitement as they embark on their careers.

I was recently able to get involved first-hand with a number of our new student Sections in Europe.

I met with the SNAME student leadership from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and gave a short talk on “Icebreakers in the Oil Patch” to a joint meeting of KIVI (the Royal Dutch Engineering Society) and the SNAME Western Europe Section.  My presentation was followed by one from MARIN, which reported R&D studies on ice loads on propellers at model scale.

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Joe Cox, President and CEO of the Chamber of Shipping of America, and Fred Harris, President of General Dynamics NASSCO and Bath Iron Works will both be awarded the AOTOS Award at the annual dinner and dance Friday, 7 November in NY.  Fred Harris is the 2012 SNAME Land medalist and a SNAME Fellow.  They join VADM Al Herberger, USN, (Ret.), Captain Warren Leback, as other SNAME AOTOS awardees.

SNAME members receive regular recognition for achievement, but this is noteworthy.  You can help recognize Joe and Fred while supporting AOTOS.  Contact Barbara Yeninas at +1-732-817-0400 x16 or for details.

Congratulations to both Fred and Joe.
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During September a group of students and faculty members from Ngee Ann Polytechnic Institute in Singapore made a 2 week visit to Texas to gain some practical foundation in the offshore industry.

These student are in the Department of Engineering and are studying Marine and Ocean Engineering. As part of our outreach to students, SNAME helped arrange meetings and visits during their stay in Texas.

These included a visit to ConocoPhillips the world’s leading exploration and production company hosted by SNAME member, John Dabbar, where the students heard presentations on how a major oil company works and where engineers fit into the system as well as presentations on marine oil transport systems.

The group also visited ABS world headquarters hosted by SNAME member, Thalia Kruger and were exposed to the wide array of services that a modern Class Society has to offer.  The students were somewhat familiar with ABS as the Society has a high visibility presence in Singapore.

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One of the most important functions of a professional technical society is to capture and make available useful knowledge to its members. This is done in many ways within SNAME:

  • we organize the  Annual SNAME Maritime Convention Technical Program
  • we hold regular Section Meetings where topics of interest are presented and discussed;
  • we sponsor and guide T&R projects and prepare and publish T&R Bulletins and a wide range of topics
  • we prepare and publish a range of Textbooks, Journals, and our flagship  Technical Magazine,
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The Journal of Ship Production and Design (JSPD) published by the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME) has been accepted for coverage in the Thomson Reuters® Web of Science™ Index of Scholarly Literature.


The SNAME Journal of Ship Research has been indexed in the Web of Science  for many years.


The Web of Science is widely recognized as the world’s leading source of scholarly research data. The index is the only interface to include subject-specific, unbiased, curated content on emerging trends based on citation activity of the most impactful global and regional journals, books and proceedings.

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No need for Fossil Fuels in 40 years from now_10-07-2014; CLICK:

Carl Ross.  10-July-2014

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Author Harry Ren, center, with SNAMES and SNAME representatives

On June 11,  Harry Ren, principal naval architect with Diamond Offshore Drilling and past chair of the SNAME Texas Section presented a reprise of the Best Paper by a SNAME Author award winning paper “Execution of New Drillship Project – Perspectives from Owner, Class, Builder and Designer” which was presented at the 2013 Offshore Technology Conference in 2013

The paper was present to a packed house of over 150 members of SNAMES and SNAME at the National University of Singapore, NUS and a lively question and answer session followed the presentation.

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Over 90 volunteer leaders, including 16 out of the 17 Sections and 36 out of the 37 Student Sections, including the Student Steering Committee came together for a weekend at the Hotel Derek in Houston, Texas for the 2014 Chair Elect Seminar, Student Chair Elect Seminar, Council, and Executive Committee Meeting. SNAME is all around the world...SNAME is everywhere!

Planet Ocean
We live on a planet that we mistakenly call “Earth”, but I have it on good authority that Martians and other space aliens call  it “Planet Ocean”
~ 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water
~ 80% of the world’s population lives within 200 km of the coast
~ 90% of the world’s trade volume moves by sea
~ 100% of life as we know it depends on water

Oceans connecting People
• Some may think that the oceans separate us when in fact the Oceans connect us.
• And that’s why we, as maritime and ocean professionals, are amongst the most important people on this planet.

SNAME Sections
• SNAME is first and foremost a forum for individual professionals to exchange ideas and knowledge.  We are a people-centric organization
• Our volunteer-run Sections are critically important in fulfilling our Society’s mission by
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OTC 2014 was a grand success and set new records in many aspects, including numbers of attendees, number of exhibitors, the square feet of exhibition, even the total tonnage lifted!!

Congratulations to our SNAME volunteers who worked so hard to make the OTC 2014 a success, and to the many SNAME members who attended the conference from around the globe.  This event truly shows the international flavor of our Society.

SNAME figured very prominently again this year when our candidate for the Annual OTC Distinguished Individual Award was selected.  Carl-Arne Carlsen, SNAME Blakely Smith medalist and long-time DNV senior staff member was recognized at the OTC Dinner. 

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Dear All,

I'm creating a Spill Pocket Booklet for people working on offshore rigs. Through this booklet I intend to roll out a campaign on board our rig fleet to hopefully remind people on spills and help reduce spills completely.

It is intended to cover operations such as bunkering, maintenance on machinery and handling drilling mud.
Also, intend to include early leak detection and SJA's, PTW's, etc.

I need suggestions on what all to include and how to build this booklet.

Look forward to putting a healthy and informative booklet and will of course share with all of you.

Best Regards,

Varun Ramdas
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As president of SNAME it gives me great personal pleasure to write this welcome note to the 2014 Classic Yacht Symposium as this will be a very important forum not only for all involved with classic yachts, but also for all naval architects, yacht and boat designers. 

SNAME was founded in 1893 with the following objectives:

“The objectives of the Society are to advance the art, science, and practice of naval architecture and marine engineering in all their applied forms including the construction and operation of ships, marine vehicles, and structures of all kinds and the arts and sciences allied thereto by affording facilities for the exchange of information and ideas among its members and placing on record and disseminating the results of research, experience, and information relative to the objectives.”

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