SNAME has long been the preeminent society for the practitioners of the shipbuilding arts and sciences.  For many, the Society has been absolutely essential to career development and success in the industry. SNAME encourages the exchange and recording of information, sponsors applied research, offers career guidance, supports education, and enhances the professional status and integrity of its membership.

With an international membership of over 7000 members, SNAME reaches professionals around the world as an International Forum for Maritime and Ocean Professionals. Professionals with an education and background in maritime architecture and engineering may apply for membership in the Society. Member or Associate Member status may be granted based on a review of applicant credentials, education, years of service, contributions to, and experience in the industry.


Membership Benefits

Become a member of the premier international organization for maritime professionals, and benefit from

Current Membership Dues Rates




Member/Associate Member

              Age 32 or more



              Age 29-31



              Age 26-28



              Age 25 or less



            Student Member



Grades of Membership

There are four basic grades of SNAME Membership.  The qualifications for each grade are explained in Article B of the Society By-Laws.  Further, the by-laws allow members to become "Life Members" in each membership class.  As stated in the by-laws, the life designation is attained by a member "making a single payment as established by the Council and by signing an agreement to conform to any future amendments to the by-laws not involving a change in the payment of dues."
Briefly, the types of SNAME membership are as follows:


The rank of Member may be accorded exclusively to individuals who have a demonstrated competence in naval architecture, marine or ocean engineering, or allied disciplines; and have demonstrated experience in design, research, production, operation, education or associated management.

Applications must be endorsed by three persons having the grade of Member or Fellow.

Associate Member

The grade of Associate Member may be accorded to individuals who have pursuits, attainments or education in naval architecture, marine or ocean engineering, or allied disciplines; or experience in design, research, production, operation, education or associated management.



Student Member

The rank of Student Member may be accorded to a graduate or undergraduate student in naval architecture or marine engineering in one of several technical institutions recognized by the Society.

SNAME actively supports the efforts of graduating students to "
Stay with SNAME" and remain connected with the the Society.  Students are encouraged to use the Graduating Student Contact Form, allowing SNAME staff to provide assistance.    



Memberships of Distinction

From time to time the SNAME Council may confer upon individuals one of three honorary ranks.  Those who have made exceptional contributions to the field of naval architecture and marine engineering are recognized by three specific membership types:

  • SNAME Fellow
  • SNAME Honorary Member
  • SNAME Life Member