SNAME Membership Renewal Information

2015 SNAME Renewal Notices Going Electronic

This October, be sure to check your email Inbox for your 2015 SNAME Dues Renewal Notice. Starting this year, SNAME will be sending out its dues bills solely by electronic means. This change is being accompanied by an improved online platform for renewals and upgrades.

The shift to electronic delivery and renewal will benefit the Society and our members in several ways:

First, we will save $25,000 per year, which is the cost of production, printing and postage for the print version of the renewal packets. These savings will allow us to better allocate our resources to areas that more directly benefit our members. 

Also, by eliminating the use of paper renewal packets to our 6,500 members, we are continuing SNAME’s effort to reduce our organization’s carbon footprint.

Finally, our new online platform for renewals and membership upgrades contains updated features that will improve the member experience:

  • Members will have the ability to enroll in our automatic renewal program, which will deduct their membership dues automatically each fall, saving you time and effort;

  • The platform will allow members to designate a person within their organization to be copied on the invoice. This feature is convenient for members who wish to have the invoice sent directly to their personal assistants or accounting department for payment;

  • In addition to their local Section, members will be able to select other Sections to follow. This will be helpful for members who spend significant time in multiple locales, and would like to be kept informed of news and events in several Sections;

  • Associate Members wishing to upgrade to the grade of Member will experience a much more user-friendly platform and application process.

We are excited to move forward with this upgraded platform, and are confident that it is a step forward for SNAME and its members.

Membership Benefits

Become a member of the premier international organization for maritime professionals, and benefit from

Current Membership Dues Rates




Member/Associate Member

              Age 32 or more



              Age 29-31



              Age 26-28



              Age 25 or less



Student Member



Grades of Membership

There are four basic grades of SNAME Membership.  The qualifications for each grade are explained in Article B of the Society By-Laws.  Further, the by-laws allow members to become "Life Members" in each membership class.  As stated in the by-laws, the life designation is attained by a member "making a single payment as established by the Council and by signing an agreement to conform to any future amendments to the by-laws not involving a change in the payment of dues."

Briefly, the types of SNAME membership are as follows:

(approximately 43% of total)

The rank of SNAME Member may be accorded exclusively to persons having competence important experience in naval architecture, engineering, and other phases of engineering closely allied with the marine industry.

Applications must be endorsed by three persons having the grade of Member.

Toshitomo Matsui
SNAME Member


Associate Member

(approximately 38% of total)

The rank of SNAME Associate Member may be accorded to persons with experience in the fields of naval architecture and marine engineering whose pursuits, attainments, education, and/or practical experience qualify them, but who have not held a position sufficient responsibility lack required for grade Member or Affiliate.

Applications must be endorsed by two members of any grade, except that of Student Member.

Chris Homer
SNAME Associate Member


Student Member

(approximately 15% of total)

The rank of Student Member may be accorded to a graduate or undergraduate student in naval architecture or marine engineering in one of several technical institutions recognized by the Society.

SNAME actively supports the efforts of graduating students to "
Stay with SNAME" and remain connected with the the Society.  Students are encouraged to use the Graduating Student Contact Form, allowing SNAME staff to provide assistance.    

Mark Groden
SNAME Student Member


Memberships of Distinction
(approximately 2% of total)

From time to time the SNAME Council may confer upon individuals one of three honorary ranks.  Those who have made exceptional contributions to the field of naval architecture and marine engineering are recognized by three specific membership types:

  • SNAME Fellow
  • SNAME Honorary Member
  • SNAME Life Member

Ken Lane
SNAME Fellow