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Technical Presentations - Ship Production Symposium (SPS)


The Ship Production Symposium, hosted by the National Shipbuilding Research Program and SNAME, is an annual symposium that presents original and timely technical papers addressing problems of shipyard techniques and production of merchant and naval ships. It is a forum to discuss the worldwide development of ship production engineering, ship design (including design for production) and other marine technology topics, such as ship operations, shipping economics, and safety.

Each session is moderated by a shipbuilding industry expert and includes a presentation and facilitated discussion amongst attendees. Last year’s symposium presented 25 different ship production and ship design topics with some sessions attracting over 50 attendees.

  • Ship Design Processes & Technologies
  • Material Advancements & Technologies
  • Surface Preparation & Coatings
  • Electrical Technologies
  • Planning & Production Processes
  • Welding Advancements & Technologies
  • Business Processes
  • Information Systems
  • Environmental Technologies
  • Risk Management
  • Human Capital & Workforce Development
  • Facilities Processes

Each abstract is evaluated on ship production fit, current relevance of topic and overall quality.  Evaluation and acceptance are determined by the Ship Production Committee. Once an abstract is accepted, authors are required to submit a paper or presentation for review and feedback by the Ship Production Committee member that is a shipbuilding industry expert on the paper/presentation topic. Feedback is returned to authors for incorporation into their final draft of the paper or presentation that will be presented at the symposium. A paper or presentation session is by a Ship Production Committee member and includes an oral presentation and facilitated discussion amongst attendees.

Acceptable papers or presentations should be original work and free of overt advertising as suitable for professional societies focused on exchange of professional technical information. The authors of the best paper on ship production presented at the Ship Production Symposium will receive the Elmer L. Hahn Award (see recipients of this prestigious award).  Papers and presentations are normally printed in a Proceedings given to all attendees at the SNAME Annual Meetings during which the Ship Production Symposium takes place.  Papers are then subsequently considered for publishing in the Society's Journal for Ship Production and Design. 

55 abstracts were submitted to SPS in 2012 versus 46 abstracts in 2011 and the Committee chose 33 of the 55 for acceptance.  In the past couple of years, there has been a rise in the number presentations in SPS, which is a healthy sign for the event:

  • 2009 – 10 presentations
  • 2010 – 15 presentations
  • 2011 – 25 presentations
  • 2012 – expecting 33 presentations

For additional information, please contact:

2012 SPS Technical Program at the Annual Meeting & Expo

SPS Papers Track at the 2012 Annual Meeting & Expo

Please click on the paper/ presentation titles for the corresponding abstracts and authors for bios and photos.
A finalized agenda will be available on September 1.

Note: This is a working list of accepted authors, titles and papers/presentations. All information is subject to change.

 Abstract Title
P01 Ensuring Successful Ship Construction Outcomes: Using More Physics-Based Design Tools in Early Concept Design
Robert G. Keane, Jr.
P04 Development of risk Assessment Methodology for Occupational Safety in Using Work Observation Technique  *Takeshi Shinoda; Takashi Tanaka 
P05 Inflatable Fin Stabilizer Pocket Barrier Design for Waterborne Seal Replacement
*Shawn Henderson; Douglas Briggs; Kevin Peters 
P07 Complex-Panel Weld Shrinkage Data Model for Neat Construction Ship Design Engineering  *YP Yang; H Castner; R Dull; J Dydo; TD Huang; D Fanguy, VDlugokecki, L Hepinstall 
P08 Ship Cable Management  W Boze; A Chemaly; J Walker; *ME Diggs 
P10 New High-Strength, Corrosion-Resistant Alloys for Marine Corrosion, Fastener and Boat Shaft Applications
Ed Hibner, Pete Jones
P11 The Use of Planning System Integration for Improved Ship Production Quality, Cost and Schedule Predictability  Hal Todd 
P13 Applying the Solid State Laser-GMA Hybrid Process for Single-Sided Full Penetration Welding of Bulb Bar Profiles in Shipbuilding  Staufer, Kammerhuber, Egerland
P14 Thermal Diffusion Process
Jogen Bhalla, Moshe Moked
P15 Protective Devices Maintenance and the Potential Impact on Arc Flash Energy  Dennis K Neitzel 
P16 New Development in Aluminum Welding Wire-Alloy 4943  *Tony Anderson; Pat Berube 
P19 Advantages in Environmental Compliance for Maritime Corrosion Control  Eric Lethe
P20 An Investigation into Execution Delays During Naval Vessels' Availabilities
Joseph Caprio, Patricia Jacobs, *Clifford Whitcomb 
P22 White Light Scanning for Main Propulsion Shaft Taper Inspection
Erik Oller, Alan Cohn, Quoc Nguyenm Jeremy Brougher
P26 Overwelding and Distortion Control for Naval Surface Combatants
*TD Huang; M Harbison; J Walks; L Kvidahl; K Stefanick, M Phillippi; P Dong; L DeCan; V Caccese; P Blomquist; D Kihl, R Wong;J Gardner, N Nappi; C Wong; M Bjornson; A Manuel , D Niolet
P27 Control of A Two-stage Queueing Network for the Planning of Outfitting Processes in Shipbuilding                                                    
*Fang Dong; Mark Van Oyen; David Singer
P29 Deriving Value from 3D Technology
Joe Baumer; YG Kim; *Mike Polini
P30 Product Model Driven Weld Management
Mark Debbink
P31 Minimising the Cost of Coating Ships
*Darren Broderick; Peter Wright; Dr Raouf Kattan
P32 Implementing a Ship Common Information Model (SCIM) for Data Exchange among Shipyards
*Dr Burton Gischner; Michael Olson
P35 Minimization of Pipe Hanger Supports in a Naval Piping System
Stewart Moore; *Nicholas Barner
P37 VCS SY Material Flow Processes and Technology
Mimi Reis
P38 Rapidly Deployable Lighting System for Ship's General Illumination
Lanny Ray
P39 Advances in Very Large Composite Structure Fabrication
Mark Sherrouse
P40 Reduced Project Duration & Improved Critical Resource Determination via Intelligent Scheduling: Navy and Other Applications
Robert Richards
P43 Environmentally Friendly Cutting Solutions
*Nick Kapustka; Warren Peterson; Dana Ellis; Janice Keay; Ken Hoy
P44 High Deposition Welding for Shipbuilding
*Jerald Jones; Valerie Rhoades; Stephen Madden
P45 Mitigation of Stress Corrosion Cracking and Cavitation Erosion in Ship Structures and Systems by Laser Peening
*Lloyd Hackel; Jon Rankin; C Brent Dane; Fritz Harris
P47 Improving Propulsion Efficiency of Ships using Retractable Bridge
Chilukuri Maheshwar
P52 Statistical Assessment and Applications for Welding Shrinkage
Heeyoung HEO, Hyun CHUNG, DH Youn
P53 Evaluation of “Spot-and-Sweep” Blasting as a Cost Effective method of Underwater  and Outer Hull Surface Preparation
Gordon G. Kuljian