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Blakely Smith Medal 

05-25-2009 11:23 PM

A medal in honor of Blakely Smith was established by the Executive Committee in 1979. The following rules govern:
a. The award will be for "Outstanding Accomplishment in Ocean Engineering."
b. The title will be "The Blakely Smith Medal."
c. The medal will be made of gold-plated bronze, approximately 2 1/2 inches (6.25 cm) in diameter, the obverse side showing a likeness of Blakely Smith and the reverse side carrying an inscription of the award centered between a pair of dolphins.
d. Eligibility for the medal need not be limited to membership in the Society.
e. The proposal for award may be made by a member of the Society in good standing.
f. The selection of the nominee for the award shall be made by the Awards Committee of the Society.
g. The nomination by the Committee and final award by the Council will require a two- thirds vote of the Committee and of the Council.
h. Notification of the award will be made prior to the Annual Meeting and the medal will be presented with suitable ceremonies at the Annual Meeting or at such time as the President of the Society may arrange.
i. The medal may be awarded biennially but not more often.
Year     Recipient
1979     Blakely Smith*
1981     Ben C. Gerwick, Jr
1983     Joe W. Key
1985     John A. Mercier
1987    Alan C. McClure*
1989     John E. Flipse
1991     Allyn C. Vine*
1993     Bruce G. Collipp
1995     F. Tim Pease
1997     Walter H. Michel
1999     William T. Bennet, Jr.
2001     Robert G. Bea
2003     Michael M. Bernitsas
2005     Roderick J. Allan
2007     Howard Shatto


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